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Dec 7, 2014 6:48 AM CST
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Erica Even after all these years of doing this swap, I still not perfect at it. Sometimes a seed packet will get forgotten, sometimes and Danita left this part out. Hilarious! With buckets stacked so close together and especially when they get so full, a packet may slide from one persons bucket into somebody else's and they discover it when they get their seeds and have sent it on to the person for me. Whistling *Blush* *Blush* I double check this, recount that, go over and over my cards for everybody and than do it all again before I send out packages and still I generally mess something up. Blinking

General chat ....

What amazes me and is the main thing that will set me Grumbling Grumbling is when somebody will cmail a person and I have had this done, cuss them out because they forgot a seed packet, a seed or short of what was listed. or maybe in the shuffle of everything, especially for newbie traders this can happen, well happens to me too, or you have folks that are very new to gardening and seed trading. Some are just learning to save seed and maybe they tried their very best, but saved the plant parts instead of the seed. It happens. They tried. Somethings I catch as they come through and I will kindly let the folks know that they got the wrong part so they can do better for next year.

If those cases folks just need to overlook and get busy with the hundreds of other seeds they have to plant. I have banned a few lickity split from ever participating in this swap ever again cuz they was plain rude and ugly to somebody who unknowingly did that. Hey they tried. Ya learn by trying , which and I say this every year...

If you have a problem, when you get your packages, you cmail me. I'll deal with it. hey even if I have forgotten something folks don't be afraid to cmail me. I am not gonna pin anybody to the walls or not let into swap next year for cmailing me. If somebody is ugly with anybody, please let me know. I will not mention names, but those kind of ugly talking and acting folks I don't want in this swap.

Folks with ideas or suggestions, hey send them on, some may make things more difficult and than again some may make things easier, just like the suggestion of less oinks per day was implemented this year.

And yes, you'll be reading the above again at some point on the oinking thread so folks not following chat yet will be able to read it. Just what ya wanna hear, right? Hilarious!

Maybe later today or in the next couple of days, I get posted over on the forum for Garden Cooking some interesting ideas for things you can can and make. I don't have the actual recipe, but from the name and descriptions, you can maybe hunt on the web. The folks I was telling about that can over 4,000 jars and 30 different products and pass out to older folks and hungry families and such every year, that was last count I had and with so many folks asking for a basket I know it way ..way.. way.. even more than that.

Well, through the bad weather and pouring rain, she found me over the weekend and gave me a bucket with some jars of product in it. I'll take one for me and pass to needy folks I know. I had already started passing several jars out to those kind of folks just a few minutes after she left me. I'll let folks pick and the last jar whatever it is will be for me, unless there somebody else I know that hungry and than I will pass out that one too.

Actually what some of you piggies don't know is that some of your seed has actually gone into the making of these products for folks. You actually doing a good thing and some of your seed has feed a hungry or needy person.

I grow the seed and plants, keep what I need for myself and what I plan to grow to help feed those in need with fresh product and extra plants I have go to these folks to grow and use in their missions of these Christmas feeding baskets of jars for folks. I would love to be able to go over and learn and help them, but I such a chicken. I am so scared that I would mess something up and have batches of stuff that would have to be pitched and somebody would miss out on receiving a jar basket gift. So for now, I'll grow the plants and share that away.

It's part of the reason I would love to learn to can professional like them, so maybe I could do the same, but until I do, I'll just keep loading my van with fresh veggies and herbs drive em round to folks. Big Grin

Theirs seems like a simple mission, but it actually massive year round work. Besides supplying plants, I'll pick up baskets and any new , not used cases of canning jars I find maybe at flea markets where folks had to many and have discounted them for them. There are also many.. many other gardeners who may have extra produce and will bring it to them to use. There are some of their friends who have big gardens that they don't use all the space for themselves and they will get some of the plants given and grow them out, harvest them and deliver the what they call their canning kitchen where everything is done.

Even you all, if you have extra plants or extra produce, you might consider trying to find locally in your community somebody who has the same mission or if your coordinated enough, start such a program around your community. There is always somebody who is struggling or hungry just maybe within a few feet of your doorstep. It's the silent folks, that usually in the worst need. You can start out simple and as time and circumstances prevail you can add to it.

And those of you who grow only flowers, you can get in on the action too if ya want, cuz the gardens need pollinators and your flowers help to attract the pollinators and may also act as a deterrent or a trap crop.

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