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Dec 13, 2014 11:25 AM CST
Name: Julianna
Victoria, BC USDA Zone 8
Interesting. I use a combination of just about everything mentioned here. My tomato seeds are all in Lee Valley binders organized by letter. I have over 2000 varieties and it's just easier for me to find them that way. Each year's tomatoes has its own binder with the original seed source and my saved seeds in the same pocket. That's about as organized as I get. I have a few other binders, 2 for flowers, 1 for herbs, 1 for vegetables, but if I go on like that, I'll need more binders, so I do need to re-think my methods.

Big seeds have their own box. I'm talking about seeds I haven't grown yet. Big seeds that I've grown and saved get re-purposed pill bottles. One of my aunts lived to her mid-80's and for the last few years of her life, she was on a lot of different medications, so Mom packed up all of her old bottles and sent them here. Those are very useful because they're larger than your average Tylenol or vitamin bottle, but I do use those as well. For large amounts of big seeds, I use re-purposed cream cheese containers. Duane, being the pepper head that he is, makes a lot of grilled or smoked jalapeño poppers, so we have a lot of cream cheese containers. All of these bigger containers get stored in a large shallow Rubbermaid container and that gets stored in the coolest driest part of the house, the office away from the computers. I also store my baking chocolate in there.

Tiny seeds like Portulaca and Salpiglossis go into the very small craft containers I get at Dollarama. That place has a lot of useful, very inexpensive things for my seed addiction like ziplocs in the small size that are used for my seed trades and the 2x3" ones are used for my piggie troughs. It has craft containers in 3 sizes, the largest size have locking lids so you can stack them without fretting that they'll topple over.

Duane got me a really nice present one year - a metal box with 4 sections for each season and 12 index cards for each month, specifically designed for seeds. I use that for each gardening year once I've figured out what I'm going to plant and when. It's imminently useful and I go back to it constantly until everything's planted. The second half of the year does not see much work from that box because I have not yet figured out how to do a fall planting when I'm up to my ears in canning and seed-saving like a mad squirrel at that time.

Thinking about it, just about any plastic container gets a second life in this house. I save the plastic clamshell containers from the cherry tomatoes that we buy in the winter. I give a lot of cherry tomatoes away as gifts from the garden and they're perfect containers. The sectioned containers that you get for veggie platters are also re-used when I have my own garden produce to put out for snacks. Large yogurt tubs are used for long stalks or racemes of basil & salvia, labeled with the variety and year for threshing later. Small yogurt cups are used both for short-term storage of gathered small seeds and also to ferment tomato pulp and seeds. Even the styrofoam trays that mushrooms get packaged with are re-used as mass planting trays or dishes underneath cell-packs for watering from below.
Grazie a tutti,

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