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Dec 14, 2014 2:16 PM CST
Name: Jonna
Belgium, Europe
tcs1366 wrote:I've been thinking about Jonna's sowing with vermiculite ... I dont have any in the garage, but I have perlite -- can it also be used for sowing?

~~ I'm going to try to dig a few plants to take to FL since the ground is thawed and all i have is perlite and peat, no potting soil at all.
I can probably mix those with soil as i have a huge dirt pile out back, though it will have weed seeds in it.

It won't work the same. Usually perlite is used in mixes. Not sure whether pure perlite will work the same in closed containers. It will sure not work mixed with any soil in closed containers.
Vermiculite is really not expensive. 100 Liters (26 gallon) cost about $ 20 -25 and it will last forever if you keep it dry. And you can reuse it. Not to sow in it again, because not germinated seeds can germinate next year and you won't know what came up. But I reuse it in the containers with plants to prevent them from drying out on hot summerdays. Or you can reuse it in dryer parts of your garden to keep it a bit more moist.

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