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Dec 27, 2014 5:49 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Jonna Ok, now how much of the leaves do I use. LOL Sounds terrible that somebody who is as old as me doesn't know how to make tea. *Blush* Whistling Hilarious!

Nope never made mint tea. The only tea I ever make is the gallons and gallons that folks drink in the restaurants all over. I make sun tea from the Lipton tea bags or instant for friends who drink it and I can make a nice refreshing glass of tea for folks. Just can't even take a tiny sip without becoming almost instantly sick. Even when I was in Germany out Volks marching I always had the apple cider instead of the tea. It was a cold day out and I thought it was the warm apple cider they was handing out. Took me a big swallow and thank goodness we was out in the woods cuz I only made it a few feet before I got ill. Was miserable the whole 10K walk back.

Red Nope, sure not allergic to wines at all. I enjoy a glass now and then and when I'm really anemic bad then I have a little bit on and off. Nope never had a problem in that area. Thanks for the explanation. I never knew tea had tannin in it. Would make a lot of sense as to why I get so violently sick.

You know how folks in the South guzzle tons and tons of ice tea. Comes just about automatic with every meal. It always looks so refreshing, and while everybody else enjoys I sit with my glass of water or coffee.

Alrighty, here another crazy question. Over on the university campus are several Camellia sinensis trees. Beautiful blooms too. So all I would have to do is go strip some of the leaves off the tree, let em dry and I have tea like comes in a box? Whistling

Plantnutz That fine. Glad we haven't lost ya. Thumbs up

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