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Name: Critter (Jill)
It's the soaker hoses that shouldn't run more than 100 feet IN SERIES. (Some say 200 feet, but I find that doesn't work as well, possibly because my yard isn't perfectly flat.) The supply line can be as long as you want... its job is to fill up the soakers and irrigation lines with water. If each of the filled-up lines start getting too long or varying too much in elevation, that's when you start having issues. For drip irrigation, go with whatever maximum run the manufacturer recommends, usually based on number of drippers if I'm remembering correctly from when we set them up for our fruit trees.

article links

I wrote an article on using polymer crystals in 2008, and I still swear by them.

For much cheaper moisture crystals, go to
Including shipping, their current price for 2 pounds of MEDIUM crystals is $19.95. 2 pounds of the medium crystals will last most gardeners a couple of seasons, and the price at Watersorb is much more reasonable than buying "Soil Moist" (TM) or any of the other branded products at your local store.

Medium is the size you want for most garden applications... the small ones can be nice for seed starting, large for when you're planting out trees, and I use powdered to make a slurry for when I'm mailing plants or planting bare root stuff. Medium is also the size to use for making "cool ties" -- very nice in the heat of summer! If you end up ordering a mix of sizes, call them, and they'll probably be able to give you a break on the price by combining shipping.

I also wrote a "Seed Starting 101" series for DG. At the bottom of the first article, you'll find links to others in the series. If you're growing basil, lobelia, or anything that grows in a clump-ish fashion, be sure to check out the clump transplanting method I learned from Tom DeBaggio:

And I wrote a couple of articles on Winter Sowing, starting with

Please pardon all the links -- this isn't shameless self-promotion; it's easier than trying to repeat the same info in these posts. I got paid once for the articles, but I don't get anything for people clicking on them now other than the enjoyment of teaching what I've learned about seed starting. :-)
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