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Jan 26, 2015 6:54 PM CST
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LeBug I use soda bottles for winter sowing. I recycle the outdoor potted plant mix in the bottom of the container and put a bit of smooth fine medium (ideally pine fines but sometimes peat moss) mixed with a bit of dollar store cinnamon on the top. If I wintersow vegetables or edible herbs, I use fresh mix for the whole container. I use fresh mix (or vermiculite) for indoor seed starting.

Every year, I use fresh potting mix and repot my indoor plants and any plant that I am bringing inside to overwinter. The used potting mix is used for wintersowing. I typically sterilize the new potting medium, but I have so many big pots that some have unsterilized medium this year. I add systemic insecticide to my ornamental indoor plants - like my gardenia, mandela, monstera, trandcendia. I also spray the leaves with a neems oil mix before bringing them inside and after each time they get a spa treatment (aka shower and soil flush in the bathtub). It has made a big difference in problems with scale, aphids and fungus gnats. My poor tropical plants are stressed inside in the winter, but I love them.

I am frequently in the same boat when going to town to shop. I ride along with friends or neighbors and hurry so that they don't have to wait for me or I take the bus and have to limit my haul to three bags.

The safest way for me to make holes in the bottom of the bottles is to do that part first using an exacto utility knife. I stick the knife in the center of each of the five bumps in the bottom of the soda bottle and twist the knife to make the hole a bit bigger. If I just make a slit with the knife, the water doesn't drain from the bottle.

I never buy anything that comes in milk jugs. I tried a couple one year. I prefer the soda bottles. I moved as many soda bottles as I could fit in empty trash bins and sneak in boxes. I regretted throwing away my soda bottles when I moved last year.

Ding, ding, ding brownies are almost done, time to open my fabulous piggy present! After two years of delays and disappointments, it is wonderful to be looking forward to the spring gardening season. The winter storm isn't even dampening my enthusiasm. It is just providing more moisture for my garden.

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