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Jan 26, 2015 7:33 PM CST
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The yoga stretches make more sense than the buns of steel nonsense. My secretary used to drag herself into work sometimes when she overdid the steel buns and assorted body parts routines. I am out of touch with the gym crowd, maybe something else is en vogue these days. A neighbor is taking pole dancing at the Y. She calls it "stripper strutting." She is a plus sized grandmother. She said that she got tired of walking around in circles at the indoor track at the library all winter.

If you are cramping at night, try taking magnesium. It helps with monthly cramps also. Sometimes you get cramps when the sodium-calcium-magnesium balance in your body is out of balance. These minerals are involved in nerve and muscle function. Heavy exercise or muscle spasm depletes the magnesium levels. I had terrible muscle pains and spasms after an auto accident. My doctor recommended that I take Magnesium.

I take a regular slow release magnesium called Slo Mag with my morning meal. I take 500mg regular Magnesium each night. Your body repairs itself while you sleep. If I am having extreme pain or muscle spasms, I take another Magnesium in the middle of the day.

One thing to keep in mind. Too much magnesium could cause diarrhea, similar to the effect if you take too much Vitamin C. Don't overdo it until you find the level your body needs.

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