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Feb 18, 2015 3:23 PM CST
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Poison Glad it was just your mirror and a few dents. I know the guy on this morning news showed how pretty the snow was, brushed it aside and was using a pick ax to show that underneath was nothing but pure sheets of ice.

That's something I worry about besides piggies being without electric is those that have to work and be on the roads. The tv shows accident after accident not only with cars but big rigs too.

On the news I keep watching that big circle of ice that keeps hitting us everytime it rotates around. It doesn't seem to be shrinking at all. We supposed to get a bit warmer for Sat and Sun with rain. I really feel for Northern folks. Once this freezes moves through, they may have a few days to get to maybe 30F if they lucky and that frozen mess will be back around and hitting them again it looks like.

I don't blame the mail and newspaper folks for not delivering. Nothing so important as a life. Especially if the mail is bills. Whistling Hilarious! Now seeds, that may be a different story. Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

I went yesterday to corner store to get a couple of staples. I was out of eggs and bread and cheese. I made another stop and didn't notice til I got home at my last stop somebody decided to open my car door and help themselves to my loaf of bread and bag of donuts. I really didn't need the bread. I can eat bologna and cheese roll-ups, but I sure was looking forward to that bag of chocolate donuts.

Wish they would have told me they was hungry, I would have got them some food. Surprised they didn' t take eggs and cheese too. Well, I hope a kiddie gets to enjoy the donuts anyways. Big Grin

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