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Apr 8, 2015 9:38 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
These are my seedling of the Cerinte. No spots on the leaves yet. I started them inside. Do you think the spots will come later when i put them outside?

Did you noticed that one seed of this plant gives two seedlings?

Flinter How neat! I sure would save seed from it. Never know if it might be something special.

There are three types of Cerinthe that I know of. The very first one I ever grew did not have spots on its leaves at all and had beautiful cascading purplish/blue flowers on it, which is why I kinda freaked when the next time I grew some years later, I had the plant with the spots.

The spotted foliage to me was lighter in color than the solid and it still had the same type of blooms. I though the spotted foliage one was more of a floppy plant, where the one without the spots I actually put a little stake with it as the branches got so heavy from the foliage.

Then there is the one that has the yellow , I call droop blooms. Pretty, but I prefer the solid leaf with purple blooms. That is the one I have yet to find seed of again. I look at pics and they don't show the spotted leaves and I buy the seed and then get disappointed that it not the one I really want.

Quoting: While I'm on the subject, I received some Cerinthe major 'Yellow Gem' in response to my wish-list. There was a generous portion of seed, but unfortunately, when pre-soaked, all were floaters, and as expected, none sprouted.

Red, you got any seed left. If you haven't already, try a tiny nick and soak in warm water with a bunch of hydrogen peroxide. Usually works after several days. I just change to fresh water everyday and add more hydrogen peroxide. Lots of seed that is viable will be a floater.

Poison How pretty. I really like that Borage and I agree who can resist the foliage of the Black Velvet Geranium series.

I can't wait to see what you get from Snapdragon Frosted Flames (F2?) If it is a F2 it should have some interesting foliage and flowers maybe, unless it comes true.

Here's something I wrote and posted thatyou might or might not be interested in as who knows it one day may affect even all market growers and those having plant sales at their residences.

"I just got this months new Digger Magazine and was surprised by an article I read.

It seems that Home Depot is now requiring anybody who supplies plants to the company that have been treated with neonicotinoids to have an additional tag letting the customers know the plant has been exposed to chemicals.

The tag has a small pic of plant at top and then the following:

This plant is protected from problematic

than in black, bold, capital letters, underlined

White Flies
Mealy Bugs

Tag must be 1" by 4.5" for all plant material.

From what I read HD , it seems is worried about neonicotinoid insecticides affecting pollinator populations, especially the bees.

According to the article the USDA believes that the bee population is affected by a host of things, such as lack of forage, disease and parasites.

Supposedly there is not enough scientific information to prove whether neonicotinoids are harmful and that studies will be done.

Some of the growers who supply product to HD are worried that customers are going to see those tags and turn away from buying the product.

I wonder how long before the other box stores start requiring the same tags in their products too.

So if you saw that warning tag, would you buy the plant or not?

Sometimes all it takes is one person to cause major changes. I wonder if in the long run with HD requiring these tags and if other box stores and garden centers also go along with the program, will all growers big and little eventually be required to have some sort of tags too?

What plants are feed the seeds absorb too. Does this mean some day all folks selling seed that came from a neonicotinoid plant be required.

If the this is the first sign of required tags, where will it go to next? Will every plant treated with anything be required to have tags? "

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