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Apr 24, 2015 10:51 AM CST
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and the beloved Winston the pug
Greetings piggies!

We may be getting a new piggie from the Pocono Mountains. I don't drive, so I ride the 'Pocono Pony" shared ride bus. One driver is also a gardener. She lives further "up the mountain" than I do where winters are even colder and spring later. She is a vegetable gardener who wants to learn about saving seeds. She is also interested in growing kale and bok choi. I put together some seeds for her. I'll carry them in my bag until we end up on the same bus again.

I am impressed with your seedlings, Joseph. I hope the frost tolerant seedlings also tolerate late summer cool snaps without stopping fruiting. It takes forever to get a garden tomato some years and the season ends so quickly. In between, you water like crazy to get as many tomatoes as possible. I would love to have enough tomatoes left to can for the winter. My indoor seeds are started late and growing slowly. At least they germinated and haven't damped off (yet).

I sympathize with your salvias, Therese. When my neighbors helped blow leaves from my yard, plant labels and a few potted plants blew with the leaves. They trampled a few day lilies. Thankfully, my struggling tree peonies remained unscathed. they saved me days of heavy work, so I am grateful.

Thankfully my wintersown containers were on the picnic table and benches. I had planned to put them elsewhere, but I was surprised with the first snowstorm. They were buried in snow on the table all winter. That was a happy accident that worked out for the best! I will do that on purpose next year.

My neighbor, Joe, didn't realize that the bottles were planted all winter. He was surprised so many things were growing.

My indoor seeds are germinating slowly. Winston and the plants would like me to tern up the thermostat, but the heaters remain in "economode." My electric heating costs were terrible! The neighbors recommended infrared heaters. I bought two, another expense, but they are much more efficient than the electric registers. Winston approves, he sleeps directly in front of the heater. It has safety contact if bumped or tippeds, so it is safer than your average space heater. I found the best price here, if anyone else is in the market for a heater. If you sign up for the email list, you get special price reductions. (I got it for $80 including shipping using coupons an promotions).

Thanks again Ella and the piggies for the piggy swap seeds. My heating expenses "burned" my gardening budget this year.

I am both planning this years garden and house hunting. I haven't found a house I like - in my price range. I hope to find a foreclosed property or strongly motivated seller. There were so many problems with this little rented house, but the landlord is fixing things. I have been here nearly a year, but I still have boxes to unpack. It has been a tough year.

I am little worried about Winston. His night vision isn't good. He may be a bit nearsighted also. The vet looked at his eyes during his check up. He didn't see any problems, but there aren't many vision tests for dogs. The vet checked his urine, but I am trying to get him to pee on a test strip to check again. He didn't cooperate this morning. In his little mind, he was thinking "what is this crazy woman doing to me now, this isn't a fun game." There aren't many options to correct dog vision, but I want to be sure he isn't diabetic. He seems his same self otherwise.

If he could sing, he would sing that silly song "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Food, walks in the woods and a comfy bed by the heater - in his mind he has it all ! He is snoring in front of the heater now worn out from walking and barking at cars while I gardened this morning.

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