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Apr 24, 2015 1:02 PM CST
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and the beloved Winston the pug
My pink lavender seeds germinated! I have had trouble growing lavender - from seed or from plant. When they are ready, I will plant them with good drainage and hope for the best.

We had snow flurries and sleet yesterday! It didn't accumulate, but it made me grumpy. Winston the pug too! He is enjoying spring so far. We are taking longer walks. This morning he wanted to stay outside, so I put him on his lead.

Weedwacker, your climate is a bit colder than mine . Your wintersown seedlings will begin popping up like crazy as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer. Leave them alone until they are too big for their container or the temperatures get too warm for them in their container. It is tempting to plant them when they are too small. I loose plants when I do that. Some people repot all the seedlings. I don't . When they are ready to plant, I plant seedlings or hunks of seedlings in the garden. I save a few to repot. I baby the potted seedlings in case the direct planted ones die. If the garden planted seedlings thrive, I give the pampered, potted seedlings to friends.

Everyone has their own gardening methods. My goal is a few of each plant I sow for my personal garden. Extras to share with friends is a bonus. People growing for profit have different methods - and hopefully more space and better growing conditions. I have killed more seedlings by fiddling with them than by leaving them alone. Less is more for me.

I remember the first time I tried wintersowing seeds. I was living in the sanity gap townhome complex. I didn't have much room for indoor seed starting - a northern window and lights scattered here and there including on top of the fridge. I tried wintersowing and had more seedlings than I had room to plant in the tiny garden.

I love wintersowing! It is so easy if you have long winters like mine.

I hope we have a long enough growing season for the wintersown perennials to bloom and set seed.

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