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Dec 10, 2015 2:48 PM CST
Name: Arlene
Grantville, GA
It's so good to hear from you Ella!! We have been missing our fearless leader. So sorry to hear about the burn and the broken toe. Glad to hear the head is doing better. Hooray for no broken coffee cup. Don't know if you're like me, but I have favorite cups and I broke my most favorite one this summer. Totally missed the table outside on concrete when I went to set it down. My granddaughter said, "Don't worry Grandma, you can glue things back together." Only this one broke to smithereens so no gluing it back together.

So sweet of you to offer the Chocolate cosmos for me to grow Ella and Christine! That really puts the pressure on me. Hilarious! I think I am up for the task. Hopefully I'll have better luck than I did with my corkscrew vine seeds. I had over thirty pods but they just didn't mature before a hard frost killed the plant. I picked them and let them dry. One split open but I'm pretty sure the seeds are not mature. They'll get planted though. I checked online to get seeds. Holy Toledo! Expensive and hard to find. I cut a few pieces of the vine the other day. It was still green inside so I am trying to root them. Fingers crossed.

Joseph, that is a beautiful orange squash. I think that is exciting about orange corn!!! I'm not real sure how beta carotene tastes though, although I do love carrots. You are so busy and productive. I am just finishing getting all my collected seeds packaged. We have a whirlwind end of year here so I won't be getting much more done inside. I did clean up my seed planting room though so I am ready to start seeds come January. I have to give a presentation at our garden club on seed starting in Jan. too.

We are taking advantage of this warm weather here (high 60s, 70s) to get the garden rows prepared for spring. I have never had the time to do that before and I am hoping it will make planting the garden a lot smoother and faster this year. And earlier! Oh, we're pretty sure we are going to do market again this summer. David just loves doing it and I do get excited this time of year planning what to plant. So, I am going to start seeds with that in mind right now.

We are still getting produce from our covered row. Today I picked a cauliflower, cabbage and carrots. Everything is growing slowly, but growing. I have brussels sprouts that probably won't mature but they sure look good. Lots of purple sprouting broccoli for spring too. And carrots! Holy cow I planted them way too thick. I am going to try and transplant some later. Nothing to lose but my time if it doesn't work. I have done it successfully before but it's very time consuming.

This year we are going to do an entire row of the Steakhouse tomato (20 plants) because they were the biggest, tastiest, and most productive tomato we had. I have four plants in the GH I will take cuttings from to keep making more plants. I still have more seeds but I want to use the plants as much as I can. We are doing fewer peppers. Even though we had a bumper crop, they were too late to sell because we quit going to market the end of July and the peppers were just starting to come in and I got stuck with tubs and tubs of peppers. My freezer is full and we gave away as many as we could. For us, early crops like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are good with tomatoes being our biggest hit later, as well as the cut flowers.

Ella, I have never heard of sweet potatoes containing estrogen. If so, the men would want to eat sparingly I would think! Big Yellow Grin

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