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Oct 6, 2010 11:50 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b

This is the general swap of “Oinked” seeds you ask for from folks. This part is for all participants and including Survivors. You go down through everybody’s list, see something you like, post on the forum to that person , and then send them a cmail too stating your request. You’ll get a cmail back from them of confirmation or check on the threads too, a s some folks just post confirmations on it for the seeds too. There is a 100-pack limit on “oinked” seeds going back to you.

Every person in the swap needs to have at least a start on their seed list and have it up before they can request seeds from other folks. Due to weather conditions and when seeds may be harvested and ready, lists are added to constantly.

This year instead of having one mile long thread with everybody list of seeds on it, a special Hog Wild Seed Trading database has been created for you. You can add, and edit it as much as you like. It has a place for you to list your seeds, your wishlist of want seeds, a place to help you keep track of who you sending what too and who sending what to you and also a place to tell me a bit about your garden and preferences for Part2 of this swap.

Just click on add a new entry to this database. Put in your screen name and add your entries. To find other people’s list just click on any screen name. If you need help just ask.

List your seeds and other information here:

IMPORTANT: Now although people are encouraged to be piggies and oink for anything they'd like, that what we all here for, I am reserving the right to cmail and warn anybody I feel is going overboard. It's fine to ask for lots of seeds, but it's not fine to just go down and ask somebody's whole list because you don't feel like looking them up to see if you really want those particular seeds. That is just not fair and deprives somebody who may really have wanted those seeds to lose out on having them. If you receive a warning from me and don't heed it, you may be asked to leave the swap.

Keep track of how many seeds you oinked for and that you have confirmation back on so you don’t go over the 100 packet limit in PART 1. If near the end, I see we still have plenty of seed available, than I will raise the limit, but until that time to be fair to everybody the limit starts at 100. You can keep track of seed coming to you on your database to help with the counts. A couple over is not a problem, just don’t want anybody going to hog wild. : )

Take your time in going through the seed lists. Make sure it what you really want. Use your 100 oinks wisely so that as seed is posted later you really want you'll be able to oink for it.

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