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Jan 20, 2011 6:01 PM CST
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Welcome.. Welcome... To the Hog Wild Barn Dance!

Hope ya all brought your dancing shoes.

There plenty of mud to wallow in for sure. Fresh hay scattered around for ya to relax and lounge on. So make yourself comfy while I tell ya all a little story of the piggies who could fly.

Today is very cloudy and so excuse the poor pics. It not easy trying to hold coffee cup in one hand, steer with other and stay on my side of the road and shot a camera at same time without hitting anything.

This is how piggies fly home.

First we get my lemonzine all ready. Te rear view mirror fell off a couple of years ago , so Charleen, here the piggy mobile new emblem hanging off the front. Hope ya all don't mind that the car didn't get a bath. *Blush* What's a little dirt and mud between piggies gonna hurt? Figured ya all wouldn't mind.

We have take off.

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Going down the road singing at the top of my lungs, off key, " On the road again, Piggy boxes on the road again. ......." Them piggy boxes is just a squeeling so loud. Hope no police around as between the boxes and me, we exceeding the legal noise volume.

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Now what do we have here? I stop sign? Now that presents a real problem. I can't stop. No..No..No I have piggy boxes to get to the po. Beside s if I stop, somebody gonna wanna get out and check out the country side and then I will be chasing piggies all over the field. best to ignore it and keep on trucking.

Now this is better, but they haven't quite got the sign right, it should be a piggy crossing as all these boxes gonna cross the road here.

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This little piggy is sneaking out of the bag they was in in case it rained. This piggy is dreaming of what it wants to be when it grows up as we pass the local junior high school.

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Yippee!!!!!! Piggies squealing and hollering all over the neighborhood as they handed into the local post mistresses hands. I have to tell them to all settle down and wait their turns while she weighs each one of ya to see how fat ya got. Some piggies packed on the pounds for sure. Hilarious!

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And meet the local mail lady who through, rain, sleet, ice and ice brought all you piggie s to me.

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Two and half hour s later, piggy boxes are jumping in and buckling up in the piggy mobile, lots classier than my old jalopy to get ready to fly to you.

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I start singing,, On the road again, glad to be back on the road again.. While I make the journey home.

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The piggie s are officially on there way.!!!!!!! Hurray!

Party time! Hilarious!

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