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Dec 29, 2011 3:19 PM CST
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Joseph... Here is some info on holding a SeedySaturday

Now I don't know how much different swapping seeds would be than going to a plant swap, but seems to me they would be pretty much the same.

If there is some sort of community hall, or even a church that would let you set up for free, I would go with that. Other wise I would find out cost of place and charge folks table set up fee to cover building and refreshments. Ya may have folks just coming to see what they can get. Here the one plant thing if your just visiting, they charge a buck to get in.

You could plan ahead and put posters up around town and in grocery stores and places like walmart have free bulletin boards.

If ya do refreshments I would just keep to like tea or simple punch or kool-aid and cookies. That way expense is down, ya don't have to worry about food not being properly stored or a major clean up. Folks there for seeds anyways and be too busy getting their goodies and going. If they want something else, just like at regular markets they can bring their own stuff to munch.

With the plants, folks would set up what they had and trade or give away. Usually folks come in pairs, so one can man the table and the other one can go pick plants they want and see what everybody has.

Usually if it some new type of thing, maybe not to many folks first year, but than word will get around and it will grow from year to year.

If there are places liek John Deere or garden equipment companies, you might charge them a set up fee and have around. Places like that.

You need to decide how big you want it and how much time and energy you willing to devote to it.

If ya just want say other local farmers and gardeners, than having a private room at a restaurant would be best or a church as those places you wouldn't need to get permits or worry about insurance. heck even the outside eating area at a Mcdonalds would work.

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