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Feb 27, 2012 8:12 AM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Well, I here for a few and than got to get busy and let this puter update. This has been the week from down below. I so far behind on stuff and things I was going to do and get done I couldn't.

At least this morning my body not stinging. We had some nice weather and in between have been cleaning up and burning things and areas off to get stuff ready. Have burned about and acrea and a half and than last week we had another break in weather with rain coming and got about another half acre burned and got ready to do just a small section.

Things was going fine and ground in area was still pretty wet and fire was almost out. was controlled small rows about two feet wide and no more than about 8 inches high and than out of nowhere came a freak wind and it caught another neighbors field on fire.

It went wild, jumping wire fences to try and contain it, but it went to fast and no cell service for a bit to call fire department and by the time they got here it had burned another acre and a half of dense woods. Got my self a good case of smoke and since had shorts and tee shirt on working the line to try and rake back in and keep from burning neighbors house down got the body a bit heat burned. Been in vinegar baths all week.

Body still a little pink in areas and legs tore to heck from mile an hour vine and brambles, but it could have been a lot worse. Few hundred more yards and there wouldn't have been no stopping it. Some old school buses and chems and tanks would have went plus the neighbors house. Still having to watch that some of the trees don't start up again and so thankful for the bit of rain we getting today and this week.

So those of you in the south doing the same thing becareful.. very careful even with a 20 foot break one tiny leaf can jump the line and even with all the rain we have been having the ground still drier than a doornob.

Got a nightmare of sorts to clean up so am really way behind in sowing. Have some tomatoes up and peppers coming up and dropped a whole tray of 98 pepper seeds and soil upside down. grrrrrr

Have a couple of Gallardias come up that I planted and a couple of other things, but with all that been happening haven't had time even to sow Will probable be next week next week before I get a chance. Got several old trees on that property that burned like halfway up and need to get them taken down and cleared out and make sure that they aren't gonna burn up the center and restart the woods.

I been in a lot of weird and bad situations, but think that the scariest thing I have ever had to do was try and race through hot ash and smoke to neighbor and scream at her to get out of her house in case it couldn't be contained.

Things I was going to get out in mail last week and didn't will get out this week. The used vechile that was finally supposed to arrive hasn't. Something about somebody not signing title right so gotta wait on it to come back again , grrrrr , so somebody supposed to come this week to take me to store and po. Nothing worse than being in middle of nowhere and stranded when ya need to get to town. Good thing at least somebody comes once a month to get me. Smiling

If ya don't see around to much for a few days, it cuz I busy still cleaning up the mess.

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