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Dec 27, 2012 7:04 PM CST
Name: starlight1153 Zone 8a/b
Since posts keep disappearing gonna make several. There a couple folks sending cmail too have questionsabout your box, will get back to ya as soon as I can to get answers.

Now...... Boy oh boy...... I been the past couple of days starting to sort and toss seeds. Well today I was having a good time and went to grab the extras out of somebody's box and happened to look down and about had a heart attack. There sitting on top of the pile of seeds was a wasp. Thank goodnss, he was sitting on a white package or I may not have seen him. Carefull as I could I took who package to backdoor and carefully got him out. Thank goodness he must have been oxygen deprived cuz he barely moved.

So ok, now I litle bit spooked. For you newbies, you have no idea of thethings I have suffered, ( heheheheheheh : ) ) during the opening and sorting of seeds. The stories are around on past threads. I'm thinking ok, now what gonan go wrong. Well it didn't take long.

I had a cup of coffee sitting at my feet, while I tossing and marking and all of a sudden thebox in front of me starts making noises. I'm like OH NO!!!!!! I'm freaking out by now, I wondering is there a mouse in th ebox, cuz they in the Po's and have munched on peoples boxes before. Than I wondered did maybe I not get the wasp out the door and it back in the box, but no, this is a different sound. An angry sorta hissing sound.

I go into panic mode. Up I jump and run to kitchen, dumping my cup of coffee all over the bedroom carpet and cup went went flying one way and me the other. No time to worry about it cuz I gotta hurry and get reinforcements by grabbing the botle of raid and windex and dishsoap . Had to be prepared in case one didn't work.

There I am armed to the tee with chems ready to fight and slowly start trying to pic out the seed packs out of the box and see if I cna see what in there. My hands shaking myknees shaking. I starting to sweat, so afraid whatevr in there gonanjump out andbite me. Thoughts of please don't let me get bit and have to have rabie shots.

I got brave and peered into the box getting ready to grab the need seed pack, raid, armed and ready in the other hand. I breath in, I breath out and I collapse on the wet carpet, which now as my rump wet and threaten to nail a certain piggy tail to the wall.

All, that and my angry sounding critter in the box was a packet of onionseeds slowly sliding around. : )

Hopefully all the surprises are over for a bit. hehehehehehe

Ok neighbor ready for bed, so gotta go.

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