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Bayou Blooms
Welcome to Bayou Blooms Tropical Plants where we grow plants just for you! We offer 4 inch, quart sz., and gallon containers at discounted prices. Specializing in hardy perennials, tropicals, and we carry a line of select plants for your gardening needs s
Beginner Veggie Growers
Are you a BEGINNER gardener & need help? Only want to grow certain vegetables? Then this is the place to learn how and get some answers!
Bentley Gardens
Dayliles and Hostas and a whole lot more.................
Blowing In The Wind
This cubit is for those of us who garden in wind swept beds. If your flowers bend in the wind or if you have advice to offer those of us who do, please drop by!
Blue Gardens
Blue Blooms, Garden Decor, Color Combos, Garden Rooms, Secret Gardens and other ways to make our gardens unique.
British Gardening & Gardens!
British Gardening & Gardens. Famous Gardens & Parks. Private Gardens. Flower Shows and discussions! Neils Recipes. Great Photos as well. The Recipe Database is now open to all!
Brugmansia Forum
Brugmansia Information and pictures welcome here
Bucket Gardening!
Short on growing space? Make an "eBucket!" View illustrated instructions to turn 5-gallon buckets into self-watering containers for veggies & plants. Construct in 5 minutes - plant in 10!
Butterflies & Hummingbirds
We, at Vincent Gardens, specialize in growing plants that attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and birds into the garden. GA Licensed and Inspected.
Butterflies Galore
Having an abundance of butterflies in your garden is simple. We focus on specific host plants, and the natural geographical range for each species of butterfly. Two things which are certain to bring butterflies galore to your garden.
Buy/Sell Your Daylilies, Free Listing
This cubit will allow you to sell your extra garden Daylilies & look for new ones
Buy/Sell Your Plant's/Bulb's Free Listing
This cubit will allow you to sell your extra garden plants & look for new ones
Cactus & Succulent Gardening
Caladiums for your Landscape
Anything and Everything involving Caladiums!!
Calla Lily World
A forum to talk about growing and caring for Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia). Share your growing tips and add to our database of varieties. Buy, sell, and trade Callas lilies and other plants here. Join a Co-op to get the best deals on Calla lily bulb price
Everything about growing, sharing, and knowlege bank of Canna lily (Zingiberale family)
Carnivorous Plants
Carnivorous Plants, Talks and info, if we don't have it we"ll find it... Pictures too.
Carol's Garden
See pictures of my gardens! If you like something, just ask! I love to share!
chrissy's Angels
Calling all Lovers of The Beautiful Brugmansia AKA Angel's Trumpets. They hold us in their spell. Let's share our experiences.
Garden tours, plant care and growing tips, project how-to's, inspiration, photos, reviews, and building friendships in the garden!

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