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Floriculture or Growing Flowers for Profit
A place for those who are already in the field of floriculture or want to learn about it.
Florida gardening
florida gardening, seed and cutting exchange, tree information, growing flowers, growing trees and shrubs, edible landscaping, starting seedlings, basic gardening tips, growing tomatoes, growing tropicals, growing subtropicals, fruit trees, vines, brugman
Frog Bay Plants
Garden Gallery
A place to share pictures of our gardens
Garden Information and Plant Exchange
Garden Trades: Seed Trading and Plant Trading
Have extra seeds or plants to exchange? Do it here! If you are looking to trade seeds, please post in the Seed Trade forum. If you are looking to trade plants, please post in the Plant Trade forum. This is currently being developed.
Gardening Ideas
Gardening in Missouri
Welcome to Gardening in Missouri. Come in and join our discussions about all aspects of gardening in the "Show Me State". Don't forget to bring your friends.
Gardening in the Carolinas
Gardening information specific to the Carolinas and their different environments: mountains, piedmont and coastal regions.
Gardening with Texas Native Plants and Wildflowers
Learn about Texas Native plants, how to grow them and show them to their best advantage. Share what you know and learn from others too. Please check these other Texas Cubits Native Plants of Texas Gardening for Butterflies Texas Gardening
This cubit is an extension of and allows our passionate gardeners a community to share both their knowledge and their questions with other gardeners.
This site is designed to disseminate information about gingers.It is also a place for posting your photos of plants in the Zingiberaceae or ginger families.
Green Flower Farm
Where Two Hot South Georgia Women Really Dig Flowers
Greenhouse Growing
All things greenhouse and greenhouse production
Greenhouses and Shadehouses
The place for information about different kinds of greenhouse kits, homebuilt structures, tips on assembly and, most of all, using and enjoying your greenhouse.
Grow Veggies By Zone
Get the best veggie growing info for your specific GARDENING ZONE! Learn and share the tips, tricks, & techniques that work best. Everyone is welcome!
Growing Dahlias:
A place to learn about dahlias, and a vibrant community of dahlia growers to ask, share and enjoy.
GrowSouth - Southern Hemisphere Gardening
A place for gardeners in the Southern Hemisphere to connect and share gardening experiences.
Help! What's Wrong With My Plant?
Come here to find help for problems you are having with your plants. And if you can be of help, welcome!
Here's what I am planting now
New gardeners often ask "What can I plant now in my area?" This cubit hopes to offer practical information for "hands in the dirt" gardeners. It is intended as a listing, not as a site for conversations. That is in the thread BUT I WANT TO TALK.

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