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Pacific Northwest Gardening
A place for gardeners from the Pacific Northwest to come together to discuss gardening and anything else that strikes their fancy!
Passiflora Crazy
All about passifloras, discussions, tips, photos, trading, fun and much more!
Peranda Plants
Perennials, Annuals & Veggies: Tips, Tricks & Pix
This cubit is so we can share gardening tips, tricks, ideas, and methods, and talk about what works and does not work. Of course, what works for one person may not work for another, so let’s share why methods may or may not work, as well.
Plant Haven
For plants and the people who love them! Join us for great gardening adventures! Seed germination information database available.
Plant Identification
Ask or help to identify unknown plant
Poppy Forum
Welcome! A discussion forum for growing poppies and sharing advice and photos of poppies with other poppy gardeners.
Potatoes All Types
Growing different types of potatoes, sweet potatoes and TPS potatoes
Propagation of woody and herbaceous plants.
Purslane & Portulaca
Color your world Purslane!
Rainwater Harvesting
The resurgence of rainwater harvesting has grown exponentially in recent years. A necessity for early farmers and ranchers has now become of great importance in the urban landscape. Building on the experience of others is the best way to learn and improve
Rhododendrons and Azaleas
A cubit for those who share a fondness of the most important group of flowering shrubs: Rhododendrons and Azaleas!
Rie's Place
this is a place for my gardening pics and what ever i get into. i love to read and garden animal and lots of other things. so climb abord and lets see where we go.
Rocky Mountain Forum
Chat about the challenges and joys of gardening in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas
Roof , Terrace , and Patio Gardening
For people who grow roses, on a large or small scale, and for people who just like to look at pictures of roses
S n B Garden Store
Here is were we sell our plants and Sell for others and others may sell here also.

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