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Airbrush Graphix By Michael
This is some of the artwork of Michael Tetzlaff, a gifted artist. His preferred medium includes air brush, pencil, and ink.
Art and Artists
A place for all artists to share their work, learn techniques, discuss art, and have their own online gallery.
Artisan's Nook
A Gathering Community of Artists, from Beginners to Advanced.
Artisans in Arizona Artfire Guild
Artistic Joys
Personalized Gifts, Creative Murals and Custom Faux Finishing all on one site!
Becktoria Baby
A boutique and portfolio of rooms, murals, canvases and gifts for the sweet baby in your life.
Beginners at Art
A fun place for beginners to post their art and ask questions!
caitlin's garden
Clay Arts
A cubit dedicated to those passionate about making functional or decorative items from clay.
Garden Art
Glitter Clay Pendents
Miniature Dollhouse Food and Accessories
Miniature dollhouse foods, dishes and accessories made from polymer clay ...
Painting Creative Concrete
A showcase of painted concrete statues & fountains.
Pastel painting
Landscape, portraiture, pets and friends.... All are Welcome!!
The Canvas Human
The Poetry Place
We are friends and family from near and away. Sharing our words and ideas though each day. Come join and read or write a few words.The poetry Place is where you will be heard.

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