Viewing cubits in Animals and Nature

Greyhound Adoption and Rescue
This is the place to socialize and get help with greyhounds. Let's discuss their qualities as a pet, what to do for a bad habit or health issue, how to help rescue or find a lost greyhound. Personal experience with rescue will be openly discussed.
Hedgehogs And Friends
A place where pet owners, breeder's and all hedgehog and tenrec lovers can share story's, ask questions and gather information. All comments and questions are welcome, Remember no questions are dumb. Let's all have fun.
Hummingbird Gardening
This cubit is for the discussion of Hummingbirds and growing the plants that attract and nourish them.
Lion Fish Hunters
For those interested in the efforts to control the plague of Lionfish that are changing the character of the coral reefs in the Caribbean.
Photographs and commentary about living in, visiting and touring Alaska.
Nature Photography
Share your photos of flora, fauna, and landscapes; discuss the art and science of exposure; and share techniques for digital editing. Whether you use a pocket camera or a DSLR, your photos, questions, advice, and inspirations are welcome.
Peafowl Haven
A Haven to share and learn about the most beautiful creatures commonly referred to as Peacocks; however, more accurately known as the Peafowl Pheasant.
Join our friendly pet community as we discuss and share the everyday triumphs and sorrows of being owned by our pets. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses, reptiles, all welcome!
Reptiles and Frogs of Australia
Whilst first starting as a Crocodile Cubit, questions/comments about other reptiles made me decide to broaden it to other reptiles as well, and frogs. There's very many groups and species but I'll cover what I come in contact with and photograph.
Snakes Of The U.S., Canada And Baja California
Here we will list snakes and whether they are non-venomous, or venomous, and what kind of habitat they live in.
Student Dog Toy Project for School
Texas Nature
This a place to discuss, various aspects of Texas Nature, including plants, animals, parks, hiking, biking, wildscaping and more. The only topics excluded at this time are those that involve injury or death of wildlife such as hunting and fishing.
The Evolution Forum
An online evolution resource with articles, the latest news, book reviews, databases, links and a forum.
The Recently Extinct Plants and Animals Database
A database of "missing" and recently extinct species of plants and animals.
Toucans, Toucanets and Aracaris
This is a group for the discussion of the keeping and breeding of Ramphastids. More than just pets, this group is focussed on the exchange of information concerning diet and husbandry concerns as well as the various issues faced by those breeding these fa
Tropical Plant Photo Dictionary
Photographs of Tropical Plants for identification and enjoyment!
A friendly and nurturing group open to anyone interested in wildlife, whether you have a question, a problem, a comment, a story, or just want to get together with others who value wildlife.
Wildlife Photography

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