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A Garden of Prayer
Prayers of need or praise for our blessings.
A Gypsy Camp
A good-natured place to gab about Music, Food, Gardens, Fun and Life in general...Y'all Come see us sometime.
All Things Sports
This is the place to go to talk sports and buy/sell sporting goods or memorabilia Subscribe to cubitssports Powered by
Alternative Lifestyles
Forums for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered friends, topics, and issues.
Baby Boomers today
chit chat about things familiar with the baby Boomers (born 1946-1965) Anything from familiar songs, TV shows, "duck & cover' practice in school to aging gracefully or fighting it. Lets have fun together!!
Blue Gardens
Blue Blooms, Garden Decor, Color Combos, Garden Rooms, Secret Gardens and other ways to make our gardens unique.
Cajun's Corner
Cajun's Corner is the place where my friends gather to enjoy each other's company. To trade tips, funny stories, memories and tall tales. So, pull up a chair, take your shoes off and relax. Coffee is always on.
Challenge yourself to step over the box into the land of the cubit challenge! Hey, hey, hey...there is a world out there... Follow the challenge and post the results here. I (and perhaps one of my admins) will post the challenge. You post the results.
Coffee..and friends :+)
Come and join or daily chat in the General Chat forum, start a thread to chat on a specific topic or go to the Photo Sharing Forum to start a thread and share some of your photos!
Talk freely. Controversy, politics, space travel, life after death, global warming, Ghosts or not, aliens, what have you. Life experiences that changed you. Critical thinking!
Cryptozoology is the study of animals which science does not currently recognize as anything more than speculation or rumour.
Dahlianut's Dictionary
A cutbit for and about expression.
Miscellaneous Pictures, Gardening and Native Plants, Home Repair and Remodeling
Energy & Power
Considerations for Your Energy Efficient Life and Our World. Let's Get Serious.
Frequently Annoyed Retired Taxpayers (Old F.A.R.Ts
Friendship Corner
Welcome to the Friendship Corner. Here we will "Make New Friends Keep the Old. One is Silver. The other Gold." Come rest for a while in a friendly place for sharing your thoughts & ideas, photos and anything else that suits your fancy at the moment.
Frog's Side of the Rainbow
G.I.G. Gardeners of Iowa Gathering
Formerly known as the Iowa Round-Up, we now have a new name. We have been meeting, eating, & greeting since 2003.
Gardening in the Ohio River Valley
Come and discuss the unique gardening challenges found in the Ohio River Valley with a Warm and Fuzzy bunch of Folks. ALL Regions invited.

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