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ADHD & You
I have opened some chat threads. I'm still working on getting the rest of the site set up. Please be patient with me while I figure all this out :)
Amber Alert
Help find lost people.
Ancestry and Genealogy
Database of family's names, resources and photos.
Autodidactic Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers
ARGH is a gathering by and for unschoolers of all ages. This organic event relies on the participants to create the activities, making every event completely unique.
Booming into Seniorhood
Welcome all my fellow Baby Boomers! After all if we just pay attention we can live longer than any generation has. Ageing gracefully.
Family Fun - Wireless & Unplugged
I created this cubit to share ways of motivating families, especially children, to get outside, and activities to do once everyone is outside. Being outdoors is a wonderfully fun and healthy activity. Let's share indoor unplugged activities, as well.
Homemakers' Haven
How do we take care of home and family? With lots of love, lots of passion, and lots of help! Join us as we help one another juggle as fast as we can.
I LOVE Christmas!
Celebrating the joy of Christmas with creations, customs, decorations and other trimmings
Life Transitions
Open, kind, loving and safe discussion of any and all of our life changing events, from economically driven changes (both good and bad), to marriage, children, divorce, friendships (new, old, or lost), love, aging, death, birth and rebirth.
Living With Diabetes
In this cubit and its forums we will address the subject of Diabetes and how we can help ourselves, our children and other family members who must live with this condition every day. Join us and become knowledgable.
Marylyn's Math
This is a place for moms to talk about mom things. Problems with teething to college stuff. Where moms can talk about their gardens and finding time between kids and life. This is the place for moms to be moms.
Phoenix Enterprises LLC
Raising Gifted Children
Spanish Tutorials
This is for those kiddos (of any age) who need help with Spanish class.

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