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a lily show comes to life
a series of pictures from whoa to go involving the creation of a lily show
African Violets & Gesneriads
A forum to learn about the Saintpaulia (and related) species.
All about Amorphophallus (Voodoo Lilies)
Aloha Hoya
I have been collecting, studying and selling hoyas for about 10 years. This Cubit is about growing hoyas, and about the hoyas I have to sell. I welcome any and all hoya lovers, whether you want to buy or not. Hooked on Hoyas is another great Hoya sight
Alpine/Rock Gardening
A cubit for gardeners who grow alpine plants, whether in rock gardens, alpine troughs or pots
An Iris Collection in Enid, Oklahoma
Irises and nothing more Results from the work Of one dirty old hoe-er!
An Orchid Obsession
Welcome to An Orchid Obsession, a website for orchid talk! This is a good place to meet like-minded people who enjoy sharing their love and knowledge of orchid growing, orchid care, and orchid pictures. Please only make respectful and friendly posts.
Aroid Paradise
Welcome! You've arrived at the Aroid lover's Paradise - a place to show your favorite plants of the family Araceae, to discuss them, and to meet others who share your passion. You'll also find the opportunity to get your mystery aroid identified.
Bananas for Bananas!!
For anyone that is interested in learning more about Bananas, this is the place to find and share knowledge. We can also have a lot of fun along the way!
Bayou Blooms
Welcome to Bayou Blooms Tropical Plants where we grow plants just for you! We offer 4 inch, quart sz., and gallon containers at discounted prices. Specializing in hardy perennials, tropicals, and we carry a line of select plants for your gardening needs s
Bentley Gardens
Dayliles and Hostas and a whole lot more.................
Blanchard Iris Gardens
Blue Ridge Semps & Dragons
Sempervivum, Hen & Chicks,Bearded Dragons located in the Blue Ridge of Va Gateway to Skyline Drive
Brugmansia Forum
Brugmansia Information and pictures welcome here
Buy/Sell Your Daylilies, Free Listing
This cubit will allow you to sell your extra garden Daylilies & look for new ones
Cactus & Succulent Gardening
Caladiums for your Landscape
Anything and Everything involving Caladiums!!
Everything about growing, sharing, and knowlege bank of Canna lily (Zingiberale family)
Carnivorous Plants
Carnivorous Plants, Talks and info, if we don't have it we"ll find it... Pictures too.

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