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SEEDS (sowing, growing & collecting)
Winter-Sowing, Direct Sowing, Indoor Seed Starting, Hobby Greenhouses, Cold Frames, Germination Seedling & Plant Care for Annuals, Biennials, Perennials, Herbs, Vegetables, Tomatoes and Peppers. A gardening cubit that covers it all!
Swiss Chard Chatting
Getting the most out of your favorite vegetable!
The Database Shop
This is a place to find sample databases to use in your cubits. If you don't have the time or patience to do your own I can help you out.
The Favorite Banana
The Sempervivum Patch
Large selection of top quality sempervivum plants.
The Tropics and Tropicals
Tropics and Tropicals is about living, growing, and simply loving the tropics and tropical plants. I urge anyone to let me know about a tropic they would like to discuss and we will make it happen.
The Yard - and a bit beyond....
......a closer look at things that are currently of interest in that small part of the world, called the yard - and a bit more!.
WELCOME TO THE TREES FORUM! This is the place to discuss Trees and their, maintenance, correct planting, and any other aspect associated with Trees. Because Trees will remain in the landscape for potentially many decades and maybe even a hundred or more
Tropical Beauties
Discuss your House plants and Tropical plants! The main focus of this cubit is the families of Araceae and Apocynaceae, but all other plants are welcome as long as they are tropical!
Tropical Flower Plants
Photos of tropical plants and their flowers.
Tropical Hibiscus Cross Pollinated Seedlings
Photos of tropical hibiscus cross pollinated seedlings
Tropical Plant Photo Dictionary
Photographs of Tropical Plants for identification and enjoyment!
All about Tulipa genus, species, hybrids of species and other tulipa hybrids.
Walker's Way Weeds
This site will be dedicated to growing and using herbs in our everyday life, for culinary, medicinal, and for quitting smoking.
Working with Water Lilies - My personal experience
My experiences working with water lilies in Hawaii. I mostly have tropicals but am working my way into hardies. This is a work in progress so bear with me as I chug along.

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