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Composting and Vermicomposting
This is where you can come to get or give help with composting or vermicomposting,
DIY on a Shoestring Budget
A place to discuss and trade tips on DIY on a small budget. When to DIY and when to call in the Pro's.
Do Overs
Redesigning, Redecorating and Recycling the "green" way...use it again!
Energy & Power
Considerations for Your Energy Efficient Life and Our World. Let's Get Serious.
Greenhouses and Shadehouses
The place for information about different kinds of greenhouse kits, homebuilt structures, tips on assembly and, most of all, using and enjoying your greenhouse.
Improving and Amending Soil
This forum is for anyone interested in learning or teaching about Improving and Amending Soil to come forth and share....have FUN. I feel more and more we are going to be turning to our land to support us, and we all need to help. Enjoy.
Live Green - Live Organically
Finding ways to live naturally, becoming a "Earth Keeper" protecting our natural environment and our heath. Living organically from the garden to the dinner table and everything inbetween. Little steps to full blown lifestyle changes.
mushroom hunting and growing
gathering place for mushroom hunters and growers.a place to exchange mushroom pictures,recipes,growing and identification knowledge.
Natural Farming
Learn ways to grow food using locally available materials, getting more, better quality food with as little effort and cost as possible. Ask questions, share information, and connect with others looking for food security and sustainability.
Perennials, Annuals & Veggies: Tips, Tricks & Pix
This cubit is so we can share gardening tips, tricks, ideas, and methods, and talk about what works and does not work. Of course, what works for one person may not work for another, so let’s share why methods may or may not work, as well.
Plant Haven
For plants and the people who love them! Join us for great gardening adventures! Seed germination information database available.
Rainwater Harvesting
The resurgence of rainwater harvesting has grown exponentially in recent years. A necessity for early farmers and ranchers has now become of great importance in the urban landscape. Building on the experience of others is the best way to learn and improve
Rhoan Ken Manaog
Seed Trading
WELCOME to my Cubit for trading seeds. i love plants and seeds and growing things and hope you will come trade here and have fun.
Urban Farming and Food Gardening!
Do you raise your food in the city, or on a small lot in town? If so, this is the place for you!
The raising and use of Red Wigglers and other worms for your gardening pleasure.
Window Gardens

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