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Gardening in the Carolinas
Gardening information specific to the Carolinas and their different environments: mountains, piedmont and coastal regions.
Gardening in the Ohio River Valley
Come and discuss the unique gardening challenges found in the Ohio River Valley with a Warm and Fuzzy bunch of Folks. ALL Regions invited.
Gardening with Texas Native Plants and Wildflowers
Learn about Texas Native plants, how to grow them and show them to their best advantage. Share what you know and learn from others too. Please check these other Texas Cubits Native Plants of Texas Gardening for Butterflies Texas Gardening
This cubit is an extension of and allows our passionate gardeners a community to share both their knowledge and their questions with other gardeners.
Great Lakes Living
Living close to the Great Lakes? Come join me in gardening, sharing pictures and living near the Lakes.
Green Flower Farm
Where Two Hot South Georgia Women Really Dig Flowers
GrowSouth - Southern Hemisphere Gardening
A place for gardeners in the Southern Hemisphere to connect and share gardening experiences.
It's a jungle out there
Well, that is the effect I'm trying to achieve. This cubit is a tale of plants, of gardens, my continuing tussle with Mother Nature, and life in our tropics.
Jungle Heights
Jungle Heights is a private tropical garden located in the inner city of Houston Heights. Share photos and stories of tropical or native plants.
A view of the Native Plants of Kansas and Kansas Gardens.
Kele's Place
Really I did not mean to start but since I am her I thought to make most of it..So We can talk about anything.The good Lord,Plants,Growing.Etc..If you want to trade here we can do that also.
Mekos Seed Swaps and Auctions
Mid Atlantic Musings
Join us in Celebrating Life in the Mid Atlantic, a region rich in history and diversity. Explore and share our hobbies, interests and gardening. You'll see why we like it here. All are welcome!
Mid-Columbia Gardens
Gardening in the Mid-Columbia region, including the Tri-Cities, Washington, and some far outlying areas.
Minnesota Gardening
WELCOME TO THE MINNESOTA GARDENING CUBIT! This is the cubit where Minnesotans can talk about all aspects of gardening in Minnesota! Even if you're not a Minnesotan, but live in a state with a similar climate, please join us!
NE Pa Gardening
North East Pa gardening is a great place to garden because it never gets too cold or too hot ( well not for long periods of time). We can grow plants that are very hardy way down to zone 3 and also push the more tender plants that thrive in zone 6. I've
Northern Living
Living where summers are too short and winters are long.
Oklahoma Gardening
Oklahoma Gardeners a group sharing fellowship, information, pictures and trades.
Pacific Northwest Gardening
A place for gardeners from the Pacific Northwest to come together to discuss gardening and anything else that strikes their fancy!

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