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Avenue C Block Party
For fun, entertainment, humor ~ a place to forget the stress of the day, if only for awhile! Stop by The Funny Farm Review or hang out at the Joker's Lounge... and bring your pets along for a visit at King Konkey's Comedy Tour ~
Blue Ridge Semps & Dragons
Sempervivum, Hen & Chicks,Bearded Dragons located in the Blue Ridge of Va Gateway to Skyline Drive
Dog Sports
A cubit for those that enjoy conformation showing, obedience trials, rally, agility, lure coursing, herding, schutzhund, and other activities with our dogs.
Dogs - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
We hope to be able to help everyone know and understand their pet dogs better. This cubit will include dog training of all sorts. Dog experts and amateurs will hopefully interact here in order to gain more and better knowledge about "Man's Best Friends"
Ducks, Geese and Other Fowl
Feathered Friends Forum
Frogs, Bogs & Pollywogs
Come join us as we photograph, discuss & enjoy these wonderful little creatures in our poison-free gardens. Kindly remove your muddy shoes at the door.
This Cubit is for the discussion and sharing of information on all types of goats
Greyhound Adoption and Rescue
This is the place to socialize and get help with greyhounds. Let's discuss their qualities as a pet, what to do for a bad habit or health issue, how to help rescue or find a lost greyhound. Personal experience with rescue will be openly discussed.
Hedgehogs And Friends
A place where pet owners, breeder's and all hedgehog and tenrec lovers can share story's, ask questions and gather information. All comments and questions are welcome, Remember no questions are dumb. Let's all have fun.
Koi fish and ponding
Ponds, koi fish (and other pond fish) and water gardens.
Love of Cats
Join our friendly pet community as we discuss and share the everyday triumphs and sorrows of being owned by our pets. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses, reptiles, all welcome!
Pos'in mule
Toucans, Toucanets and Aracaris
This is a group for the discussion of the keeping and breeding of Ramphastids. More than just pets, this group is focussed on the exchange of information concerning diet and husbandry concerns as well as the various issues faced by those breeding these fa
Natural Zeolite for detoxification, healthy pets, water treatment, feed additive, soil conditioner, aquaculture and radiation protection.

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