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Mar 27, 2017 9:19 PM CST
Name: Jane Chan
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As is known to all, catfish has quite high nutritional value due to its good taste, delicate meat quality and its better dietary therapy function for those ill nourished people. With the sweet flavor and warm in property, catfish is in favor of urinating and treating edema, becoming good item to promote lactation and essential food material for women to nourishing after childbirth. In general, each 100g fish meat contains 64.1g water content, 14.4g protein and various mineral elements and micro elements, all of which make catfish specially suitable for the weak people to eat. In addition, because of its artificial breeding property, catfish has amazing market potential. Among the cost of aquaculture, catfish feed makes up a large proportion due to the high price of fish feed, so Amisy suggests fish farmers to produce catfish by own through nutritious catfish feed production formulation, advanced catfish feed production technology and high performance fish feed machine.

Main Ingredients in Catfish Feed
Catfish feed, in commercially, refers to mixing feed ingredients, vitamins and minerals, and fat together so as to provide obligate nutrition for the healthy and fast growth of catfish. For each good fish feed formula, feed ingredients should mainly include a certain amount of protein and the energy always existing in carbohydrate. The former can be divided into animal protein and plant protein, respectively used for the feed of fingerling catfish and the feed of 6-7 inches catfish, that is to say, plant protein can take the place of animal protein but only under the precondition of without influencing catfish growth.

Catfish Feed Formulation
From the countless experience, if catfish farmers want to get more profits, they must attach great importance to catfish feed quality, not only focusing on feed price because high quality feed can greatly increasing economic benefits much higher than feed cost. There are lots of fish farmers realizing that it’s more profitable to choose produce fish feed by own rather than purchasing feed from market because making feed by own can not only save cost but also control what fish eat. Then, it is very significant for those making their own feed to learn about catfish feed formulation knowledge and master the scientific and nutritional formula.

Catfish Feed Production Technology & Equipment
Other than livestock feed, aquatic feed has much higher requirements on feed formulation, raw material grinding particle size, pelleting temperature, water resisting property and percentage of powered pellets. Everyone knows that experience is the best teacher, so it’s better to learn catfish feed production technology and equipment from practice.

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