Introduction to the Use of Essential Oils

By Sylvia (forestmaiden) on April 14, 2010

Essential oils here on referred to as EO's are the very essence of the living plant. For instance, have you ever strolled through a beautiful garden brushing your fingers against fragrant rosemary, thyme etc and find yourself continually smelling that wonderful scent on your fingertips? That is the EO and what we will be learning about here and the varied ways to incorporate them into our lives!

These wonderful EO's of the plant are tiny droplets contained in sacs, glands, hairs etc. of the leaves, flowers, stems and different parts of the plant. These oils are extracted by different methods and can take many pounds of plant material to distill a simple pound of EO and that is why the price varies according to the oil.

There are many healing properties contained in these precious oils and they can be used through our sense of smell...perhaps just burning them in a diffuser and can also be used on our skin mixed in a proper base. 

But the the most important factor being the quality of the oil. You must make sure it is 100% pure essential oil which it will tell you on the label with nothing else added. Many are a synthetic version (fragrance) which will not have any of the beneficial and therapeutic qualites we are looking for. A cheap imitation oil will in fact increase toxicity, skin irritations and allergic reactions. Remember that synthetic fragrances are everywhere and our goal is to avoid these and instead use the natural, healing properties of plants around us.

Have any questions? Come to Forest Maiden Botanicals to discuss many simple basic ways this can be done using the more commonly found oils in our natural health food store!

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About Sylvia
I am the owner of Forest Maiden Botanicals and I specialize in aromatherapy using pure essential oils and all natural products. I also love scrapbooking especially making my own cards, gardening and enjoying nature.

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