EO's and Summertime!!

By Sylvia (forestmaiden) on July 9, 2010

The warm, lazy and relaxing days of summer....oh if only they all were!! Instead, we are working indoors or out and get very hot and sweaty in the process. This is where the use of EO's come in very handy. Let's explore some uses................

Yes, there are many and we will touch on a few. Here in Ontario we have been having extremely hot and humid weather for the last while so we have our air conditioning on. In turn because the windows are shut I burn fresh, citrus oils to freshen up the air and kill any germs. I also use them in my water to wash down the counters and the floors and the result is outstanding! If I am working and get hot and sweaty I have my hydrosol spray available to spritz myself and instantly get revived by the coolness and scent. When I take my bath or shower I lather up my loofa, washcloth or whatever and then add a couple of drops of favourite EO and feel totally refreshed! Or if I feel the need to have really 'deep cleaning' I put 2 - 3 drops of essential oil directly onto a washcloth and rub it all over myself before I take the shower (avoiding sensitive areas) and then shower in the usual way. Peppermint, lemon or rosemary is ideal for this purpose. This really helps to eliminate waste products from the body and it also prevents aching and sore muscles.

For instance, if we have been working hard and want to clean up before we are going out somewhere a good oil to use would be something like rosemary or juniper if the herbal smell appeals to you or perhaps grapefruit & orange. These will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to go! Or if we are staying in and want to really relax with a nice glass of wine, then trusty lavender would do the trick. You will be relaxed and composed, ready to unwind.

Let's never forgot the many uses and benefits of using our precious EO's in our every day lives. The benefits are many and endless. As a popular aromatherapist says they are the "Fragrant Pharmacy" with which we can take control of our lives and environment, being secure in the knowledge that our well-being will be improved.

About Sylvia
I am the owner of Forest Maiden Botanicals and I specialize in aromatherapy using pure essential oils and all natural products. I also love scrapbooking especially making my own cards, gardening and enjoying nature.

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