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Apr 15, 2010 8:29 AM CST
Name: Sylvia
Ontario, Canada
Hello Maggi, Le Anne and Melissa!! Thanks for visiting and I love your idea of putting the EO into the vaccuum bag as that is one of my favorite things to do too!! Everytime I change the bag in goes a few drops and it is an excellent natural way to freshen the air and depending on the oil it can also kills germs! Orange EO is so refreshing and uplifting for the spirit, an excellent choice Smiling .
What a good way to recycle bits and pieces Lee Anne so none is wasted! I wouldn't of thought of!! Mixing lavender with coconut oil would be so very healthy and nutritious for the skin Melissa and keep it soft and supple into the bargain and lavender is such a wonderful EO to have around because so much can be done with it. It is one of the #1 choices of oil to use for relaxing, plus if you happen to burn yourself you can apply some neat (directly onto skin) and it will heal your burn up beautifully! But remember many EO's cannot be used directly on our skin but lavender can. Always check first.
Lavender can be mixed with a number of different oils Melissa such as geranium, rosemary & bergamot, it would always depend on the type of smell that appeals to you. Such as perhaps in the citrus or floral group. I am making up a list of some of the most popular oils and their uses, so make sure to check back again!

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