Image Plant Names II: Cultivar names
By Charlie Street on March 28, 2013

The basic botanical category of plant classification is the species, hence all plants (many hybrids excepted) have a species name; namely a species binomial. The basic category of horticultural classification is the cultivar. Hence for gardeners, typically, the full name of a plant is the species binomial followed by the cultivar epithet.

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Image Plant Names I : Botanical Part
By Charlie Street on March 7, 2011

Dedicated gardeners often want to know the identity of the plants they purchase and grow. That means knowing formal plant names. These names always have a botanical part and this is often followed by a horticultural part. This article is about the botanical part of plant names.

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Image Myth #2: All Perennials Require little or No Maintenance.
By Charlie Street on November 4, 2010

The second popular myth (see previous article for the first) associated with perennials assumes that, once planted, perennials maintain themselves. It may be true that some perennials do only require minimal maintenance, but many others require a lot. In addition, when perennials are placed in large beds in the company of many other perennials, maintenance is complicated and time consuming.

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Image Myth #1: Perennials Never Need To Be Replaced.
By Charlie Street on October 1, 2010

There are several popular myths associated with perennial plants. One is that once purchased and planted all perennials will never have to be replaced. They will live for not just more than two years (more than a biennial), but actually for years and years. A second myth is that all perennials require little or no maintenance. Maintenance aside, some perennial species/cultivars just live longer than others.

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Image The best potting medium?
By Lance Gardner on September 21, 2010

Over the years, I have used a variety of potting mixes with varying success. I tried a new item, wondering if it would actually work, and have been very pleased with the results. So now I recommend using coir, a coconut based product that uses the leftovers, instead of harvesting peat bogs. Here are the benefits from my experience.

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Image Perennials: Introduction
By Charlie Street on September 13, 2010

In gardening, a perennial plant is a winter hardy herbaceous plant; that is a plant which dies down to soil level at the end of the growing season and grows back in the next. The term perennial plant is further restricted to those plants which bloom over several years. A biennial, or at least a true biennial, only blooms once, namely in it’s second year.

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Image Seed starting
By Lance Gardner on September 11, 2010

As our gardening chores wane, as summer fades into fall, let's talk about what worked and what didn't work during our most recent gardening season. All those seed starting successes and failures are still fresh in our minds, so let's share them. It's a good opportunity to germinate some added features within our cubit, too. I have added in a perennial specific forum, moderated by Charlie (SunnyBorders), and Sharon (Sharran) is helping as an administrator.

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Image Quick, easy, and not too hot in the kitchen garden recipes
By Lance Gardner on July 26, 2010

I hope the YumYum Divas don't start chasing me with those beaters after posting some recipes, but I thought it would be good to share some summer recipes. These are recipes that are quick, easy, and don't require the oven, or even much stove time, so they don't heat up the kitchen or house that much, either. And, they are invented by me, so you can share them as you want to, although I would appreciate being recognized as the inventor.

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Image How to put up and maintain a birdhouse
By Lance Gardner on June 16, 2010

You have a birdhouse and are all excited to get it hung up. Wow, won’t it be fun to watch those birds raise their first family in your yard? They will even help you out in your garden eating a lot of bugs. Before you make some big mistakes, however, it is a good idea to take some time to pick a good place for it, and ensure it is hung well.

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Image A novel method for limiting rabbit damage and simultaneously fertilizing
By Lance Gardner on May 22, 2010

A few years ago, while trying to figure out how to get my son potty trained, I found the best method was to encourage him to water the flowers. He had a favorite spot to personally water, with two unanticipated benefits. Not quite toilet trained, but it worked.

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Image Chicken tractors, or portable chicken pens
By Lance Gardner on May 12, 2010

This is both a review of a book that will give you much more information than I intend to, as well as a brief synopsis of what I am doing with my portable pens. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave comments and thoughts on your own experiences, or what you hope to do.

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This cubit is so we can share gardening tips, tricks, ideas, and methods, and talk about what works and does not work. Of course, what works for one person may not work for another, so let’s share why methods may or may not work, as well.

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