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Image Myth #1: Perennials Never Need To Be Replaced.
By Charlie Street on October 1, 2010

There are several popular myths associated with perennial plants. One is that once purchased and planted all perennials will never have to be replaced. They will live for not just more than two years (more than a biennial), but actually for years and years. A second myth is that all perennials require little or no maintenance. Maintenance aside, some perennial species/cultivars just live longer than others.

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Oct 1, 2010 7:59 AM CST
Name: Mitch Fitzgerald
Many on your short lived list and long term residents here. Shasta Daisy, Painted Daises and such love the cold yet mild winters. It is the foxgolves, lupines, and other cold weather flowers that just do not live past one year here for me. My answer is simple - I only grow what is long term here for me. I also mix my beds with at least 75% native plants to the area. This gives wildlife a boost, saves or native plants, and I know they are ready for the area and with TLC are some really stunning plants!
Mitch Fitzgerald
Oct 1, 2010 6:27 PM CST
Name: Charlie
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Zone 5a
Interesting information, Mitch.

In my case, the real enigma is garden lupines. I have seldom had them survive here into a second season. From my childhood memories, they did very well in southern England and I also read they can be invasive in New Zealand. If only plants could speak. We'd certainly have a lot of questions!

I'm very persuaded by the sanity of your use of natives plants. A number of our best perennial cultivars are also selections of North American native species. I must admit I like neat gardens, so I don't favour any wild forms that run or seed amuk in maintained perennial beds.

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