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Sep 14, 2010 5:45 PM CST
Name: Susan
Zone 5
Charley's Girl Too/ HeHaw, HeHaw
Find your zone. First and foremost it all begins with the soil. Look for plants with 'alba' in the name. Some of my favorite moon garden plants are White Allium, Moon Flower Vine, Phlox David, Casa Blanca Lily, Shasta Daisy "Becky', Hydrangea 'Annabelle, Hibiscus 'Diana', Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree, White Pentas, White Geranium, White Impatience, White Verbena, Alba Foxglove, Hosta 'White Christmas', Clematis Henryii, Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride', White Tropical Plumbago, Rose 'Iceburg' white butterfly bush, Agapanthus sp. 'Cold Hardy White', Gaura lindheimeri 'Cloud of Butterflies', Callirhoe alcaeoides 'Logan Calhoun', Datura, Brugmansia, and Viburnum bush. Which plants make the cut to light up my garden are budget related, with consideration to fragrance, whites that don't turn yucky brown when fading and plants that make good cut flowers.

Annuals can lend white touches to the moonlight garden. Cosmos, larkspur, foxglove, morning glory, pansy, petunia, snapdragon, geranium, sweet alyssum, California poppy and impatiens are all good choices.

Bulbs can be planted around perennials. Hardy bulbs like crocus, tulip, narcissus and hyacinth in shades of white will have your garden off to an early bloom in the spring. Plant iris, gladiolus, dahlia and tuberous begonia for white color later in the season. Check your climate zone. Some bulbs should be dug up in the fall and stored if you live in a cold climate. They can be replanted the following spring.

Include white-flowering perennials like candytuft, clematis, delphinium, garden phlox, lupine and sweet woodruff.

Fragrant plants can add to the pleasure of the garden. Learn the different scents of the plants so they blend well. Plant them at different ends of the
garden and for varying times of bloom so fragrances do not compete. Fragrant plants are dame’s rocket, lily of the valley, meadowsweet, flowering
tobacco, moonflower and night phlox. The latter three are annuals. Consider roses for fragrance and white in the garden.

Foliage can add interest to the moon garden with varying leaf textures and shapes. Some silver-foliaged plants to shimmer at night are Artemisia,
curry plant, lamb’s ears, white lamium, sage, santolina, nutmeg scented geranium and silver thyme. They will “light up” a garden path or a walkway.

One plant category not usually considered is the vegetable and herb group. Silver Thyme, Alba Eggplant, Casper or Boo White Pumpkin, Basil, and
plants from the mint and oregano family will top off the moon garden in a fragrant and interesting way.

There are many lists of plants for Moonlight Gardens, here are a few.

1. Artemisia (Artemisia ludoviciana ‘Silver Queen’)
2. Artemisia (A. stelleriana ‘Silver Brocade’)
3. Artemisia (A. l. ‘Valerie Finnis’),
4. Artemisia (A. ‘Peach’)
5. Artemisia (A. ‘Huntington Gardens’)
6. Miniature rose (Rosa ‘Popcorn’)
7. Evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa)
8. Evening primrose (O. odorata)
9. Evening primrose (O. biennis)
10. Spider flower (Cleome hassleriana ‘Helen Campbell’)
11. Phlox (Phlox paniculata ‘David’)
12. Phlox (P. p. ‘Fujiyama’)
13. Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Alaska’)
14. Shasta daisy (L. ¥ s. ‘Snow Lady’)
15. Snow-in-summer (Cerastium tomentosum)
16. Treasure flower (Gazania ‘Talent’)
17. Lamb’s-ears (Stachys byzantina)
18. Lamb’s-ears (S. b. ‘Helene von Stein’)
19. Lamb’s-ears (S. b. ‘Primrose Heron’)
20. Lamb’s-ears (S. byzantina)
21. Mignonette (Reseda odorata)
22. Tree germander (Teucrium fruticans), in a pot
23. Boltonia asteroides ‘Snowbank’
24. Rose-of-Sharon (Hibiscus syriaca ‘Diana’)
25. Variegated dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Variegata’)
26. Catmint (Nepeta x faassenii ‘Six Hills Giant’)
27. Silver speedwell (Veronica incana)
28. Narcissus ‘May Rose’
29. Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘So Lovely’)
30. Night-blooming daylily (H. citrina)
31. Baby’s-breath (Gypsophila paniculata ‘Bristol Fairy’)
32. Cluster bellflower (Campanula glomerata ‘Alba’)
33. Columbine (Aquilegia ‘White Star’)
34. Curry plant (Helichrysum italicum)
35. Pink (Dianthus ‘White Loveliness’)
36. Pink (D. ‘Mrs. Sinkins’)
37. Dittany-of-Crete (Origanum dictamnus)
38. Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)
39. Silver horehound (M. incanum)
40. Rose campion (Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’)
41. Russian sage (Perovskia ‘Filigran’)
42. Russian sage (P. ‘Longin’)
43. Silver sage (Salvia argentea)
44. Lavender cotton (Santolina chamaecyparissus)
45. Silver southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum ‘Silver’)
46. Fringed wormwood (A. frigida)
47. Variegated yucca (Yucca filamentosa ‘Color Guard’)
48. Dwarf iris (Iris ‘Snow Maiden’)
49. Acidanthera (Gladiolus callianthus)

White Showy Flowers

Lilacs - (Syringia vulgaris) - Zones 5-9
Hydrangeas - (Hydrangea macrophylla) - Zones 6-10
Rhododendrons - (Azalea) - Zones 7-11
Impatiens - (Impatiens walleriana 'Stardust' or 'Bride') - Zones 9-12
Sweet Alyssum - (Lobularia maritima) - Zones 7-10
Dianthus - (Dianthus barbatus) - Zones 4-10
Camellia - (Camellia japonica 'Alba Plena') - Zones 5-10
Camellia - (Camellia sasanqua 'Mine-No-Yuki') - Zones 9-11
Common Calla - (Zantedeschia aethiopica) - Zones 8-11
Candytuft - (Iberis sempervirens 'Autumn Snow') - Zones 4-11
Matillija Poppy - (Romneya coulteri) - Zones 7-10
Cosmos - (Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity')) - Zones 8-11
Verbena - (Verbena x hybrida 'Armour White') - Zones 9-10
Foxglove - (Digitalis purpurea 'Alba') - Zones 5-10
Bleeding Heart - (Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba') - Zones 2-9
Cape Fuchsia - (Phygelius x rectus 'Moonraker') - Zones 8-11
Oriental Poppy - (Papaver oreintale 'Perry's White') - Zones 3-9
White Forsythia - (Abeliophyllum distichum) - Zones 5-8
Columbine - (Aquilegia flabellata ‘Alba') - Zone 5

Most of these plants have fragrant flowers or fragrant foliage, but some of them are not fragrant but were added for their beauty at night.

Abronia fragrans, sand verbena
Acacia Farnesiana, Perfume Acacia
Acacia Floribunda, Profuse Flowering Acacia
Aglaia odorata (Chinese perfume plant, chinese rice flower, Mock Lemon, Family: Meliaceae)
Alcea rugosa, Yellow Hollyhock
Allamanda Cathartica (Golden Trumpet, Family: Apocynaceae)
Allamanda Williamsii (Golden trumpet vine, Family: Apocynaceae)
Anemone x hybrida 'Whirlybirds', Japanese anemone
Angelonia goyazensis (Angel Mist, Summer Snapdragon, Angel Flower, Family: Scrophulariaceae)
Araujia sericofera, Physianthus albens (Bladder flower, Family: Asclepiadaceae)
Artabotrys Hexapetalus, A. odoratissimus, A. uncinatus (Ylang Ylang vine, Bhandari vine, Climbing lang-lang, Tail grape, ilang-ilang, Family: Annonaceae)
Artemisia, Artemisia schmidtiana, wormwood
Beaumontia grandiflora (Easter Lily Vine, Heralds Trumpet, Nepal Trumpet Flower, Family: Apocynaceae)
Bouvardia longiflora
Brugmansia, (Angels Trumpet, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia americana (Lady of the night, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia australis (Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia floribunda (Morning, Noon and Night, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia gigantea (Lady of the Night, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia grandiflora (Yesterday -Today -Tomorrow, Kiss-me-quick, Royal Purple Brunfelsia, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia jamaicensis (Lady of the Night, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia lactea (Lady of the night, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia manaca (Manaca, Family: Solanaceae)
Brunfelsia nitida (, Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade)
Brunfelsia Pilosa (Manaca root, Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade)
Buddleia asiatica
Buddleia davidii, Butterfly Bush
Calonyction aculeatum, Ipomoea alba (Giant moonflower, Family: Convolvulaceae)
Calycanthus Floridus, Sweet Shade
Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang, Perfume Tree, Chanel #5 Tree, ilang-ilang, Family: Annonaceae)
Cananga odorata var. Fruticosa (Dwarf Ylang-Ylang, Family: Annonaceae)
Carex muskingumensis 'Ice Fountains', Palm sedge
Carissa carandas (Karanda, Family: Apocynaceae)
Carissa macrocarpa, C. grandiflora (Natal Plum, Family: Apocynaceae)
Cassia Didymobotrya, C. Siamea (Popcorn Cassia, Peanut Butter Senna, Family: Fabaceae)
Cassia odorata, Senna odorata (Southern cassia, Family: Caesalpiniaceae / Fabaceae)
Cerbera odollam, C.dilatata (Chiute, Chatthankai, Grey Milkwood, Family: Apocynaceae)
Cestrum nocturnum (Night blooming jasmine, Queen of the Night, Night Jessamine, Lady of the Night, Family: Solanaceae)
Cheiranthus allionii, Wallflower
Chonemorpha fragrans (Frangipani vine, Family: Apocynaceae)
Chonemorpha penangensis (Chonemorpha, Family:Apocynaceae)
Citrus flowers
Clerodendrum bungei (Cashmere (Cashmir) bouquet, Glory Bower, Family: Verbenaceae)
Clerodendrum minahasse (Fountain Clerodendrum, Clerodendron, Tube flower, Family: Verbenaceae)
Clerodendrum philippinum Schau, C. fragrans pleniflorum, c. chinense (Chinese Glory Bower, Cashmere bouqet, Scent Malli, False Pikake, Glory Tree, Family: Verbenaceae)
Clerodendrum trichotomum, C. trichotonum (Harlequin Glory, Family: Verbenaceae)
Clusia lanceolata (Copey, Balsam Apple, Pitch Apple, Cerra cipapao apple, Family: Guttiferae (Clusiaceae)
Coccoloba Uvilfera, Sea Grapes
Coffea arabica, C. robusta (Coffee, Family: Rubiaceae)
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Daydream'
Costus speciosa Alba (White Costus, Family: )
Datura inoxia
Datura metel
Datura metel 'Cornucopea' (Purple Horn-of-Plenty, Jimpson Weed, Devils Weed, Family: Solanaceae)
Datura wrightii
Dianthus Barbatus, Sweet William
Dianthus Caryophyllus, Snow White Carnation
Dichondra "Silver Falls"
Dombeya wallichii (Dombea, Tropical Hydrangea, Family: Sterculiaceae)
Echinacea "White Swan"
Epiphyllum Oxypetalum, Night Blooming Cereus
Eremurus x Ruiter's hybrids (foxtail lily)
Eugenia uniflora, E. michelii (Surinam Cherry, Pitanga, Brazilian Cherry, Family: Myrtaceae)
Euphorbia marginata, Snow-on-the-mountain
Fagraea Berteriana (Perfume Flower Tree, Pua Keni Keni, Family: Loganiaceae/Gentianaceae)
Galium Odoratum, Sweet Woodruff
Gardenia Augusta (Bush Gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia brighamii (Native Hawaiian Gardenia Nau, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia Four Seasons (Gardenia Four Seasons, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia Jasminoides (Cape jasmine, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia jasminoides 'White Gem' (White Gem, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia Radicans (Dwarf Gardenia Radicans, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia taitensis Star of Tahiti (Tahiti Gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia taitensis Tiare Tahiti (Tahiti Gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia thunbergium (white gardenia, forest gardenia, wild gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia Tubifera Kula (Golden Gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gardenia Vietnamensis (Vietnamese Gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Gauras (G.coccinea, G. lindheimeri, G. parviflora)
Gelsemium sempervirens (Yellow jessamine, Carolina Jasmine, Yellow jessamine, Trumpet Flower, Family: Loganiaceae)
Genista, Sweet Broom
Hedychium coronarium, White Ginger, Garland Lily, Butterfly Ginger (Family: Zingiberaceae)
Heliotropium arborescens Alba, white Heliotrope
Heliotropium Peruviana, H. arborescens (Turnsole, Cherry Pie, Family: Boraginaceae)
Hemerocallis citrina, night-blooming daylily
Hesperaloe nocturna, night yucca
Hesperis matronalis, Dame's Rocket, Dame's Violet, Mother of the Evening, Sweet Rocket
Hesperis Tristis, Night-scented Stock
Hosta plantaginea, August Lily, Fragrant Hosta, Liliaceae Lily (Family: Liliaceae)
Hymenosporum flavum, Sweetshade Tree
Ipomoea alba, Moonflower vine
Itea virginica Sprich (Virginia Sweetspire, Little Henry, Family: Grossulariaceae)
Ixora fragrans (Fragrant Ixora, Family: Rubiaceae)
Ixora sp. (Jungle flame, Needle flower, Family: Rubiaceae)
Jasminum angulare (South African Jasmine, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum azoricum, Jasminum trifoliatum Moench, J. bahiense, J. blandum, J. fluminense, J hildebrandtii, J. holstii (River Jasmine, Scrambling Vine, J. De Trapo, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum dichotomum (Gold Coast Jasmine, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum humile, J. grandiflorum (Italian Jasmine, Family: Oleaceae.)
Jasminum mesnyi, J. primulinum (Japanese Jasmine, Primrose J., Family: Oleaceae) Jasminum Molle (Jasminum Molle, Indian Jui, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum nitidum, J. magnificum, J. illicifolium (Star Jasmine, Angelwing J., Shining J., Windmill J., Royal J., Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter jasmine, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum officinale grandiflorum, J. viminale, J. vulgatum, J. Affine (True jasmine, Common jasmine, French Perfume Jasmine, Poet's jasmine, Catalonian J., Spanish J., Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum parkeri (Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum polyanthum, J. blinii, J. delafieldii (Pink jasmine, Winter Jasmine, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum pubescens , J. multiflorum, J. gracillimum (Downy Jasmine, Angel Hair Jasmine, Star Jasmine, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum sambac, J. fragrans, J. undulatum, Mogori Sambac, Mogori undulata, Nyctanthes sambac (Arabian Jasmine, J. Grand Duke Of Tuscany, Butt Mograw, Belle of India, Maid of Orleans, Hawaiian Pikake, Sampaguitas, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum stephanense (Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum tortuosum (African Jasmine, Perfume jasmine, Family: Oleaceae)
Jasminum volubile, J. simplicifolium (Wax Jasmine, Family: )
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote', lavender
Lobularia maritima 'Pastel Carpet', sweet alyssum
Lonicera heckrottii (Honeysuckle, Family: Caprifoliaceae)
Lonicera japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle, Halls honeysuckle, Family: Caprifoliaceae)
Magnolia (Family: Magnoliaceae)
Mandevilla boliviensis, M. sanderi (Mandevilla Summer Snow, Family: Apocynaceae)
Mandevilla Pink Parfeit (Hybrid Mandevilla, Family: Apocynaceae)
Manglietia insignis, Red Lotus Tree
Matthiola bicornis. Night-scented Stock
Matthiola longipetala, Evening-scented stock
Melia azedarach (Chinaberry Tree, Indian Lilac, Pride of India, White Cedar, Family: Meliaceae)
Michelia champaca (Joy perfume tree, Family: Magnoliaceae)
Michelia chapensis
Michelia coco, M. Pumila
Michelia Figo (Banana Magnolia, Family: Magnoliaceae)
Michelia x alba, Magnolia Alba (White champak, Pak-lan, Family: Magnoliaceae)
Mirabilis jalapa (Four o'clocks, Family: Nyctaginaceae)
Mitriostigma axillare, Gardenia citriodora (African Gardenia, Family: Rubiaceae)
Montanoa grandiflora (Tree Daisy, Family: Asteraceae)
Murraya exotica Mini (Miniature Orange jasmine, Family: Rutaceae)
Murraya paniculata (Orange Jasmine, O. Jessamine, Mock Orange, Lakeview jasmine, Family:Rutaceae)
Myrtus, True Myrtle
Nicotiana alata, Jasmine Tobacco, flowering tobacco
Nicotiana sylvestris, Woodland Tobacco
Nicotiana x sanderae, Flowering Tobacco
Nottingham Catchfly, Night-flowering Catchfly, and White Campion
Ochna serrulata, O. multiflora, O. atropurpurea, O.thomasiana (Mickey Mouse Plant, Bird's Eye Bush, small-leaved plane, carnival bush,, Family: Ochnaceae)
Oenothera biennis, Evening Primrose
Osmanthus fragrans, Olea fragrans, Olea ovalis, Osmanthus longibracteatus, Osmanthus macrocarpus (Tea olive, fragrant olive, sweet olive, kinmokusei in Japan, Family: Oleaceae)
Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Gulftide', Holly Osmanthus
Passifloras, Passion flowers (P. Belotii, P. Incense, P. Alata "Ruby Glow.")
Petunia 'Tidal Wave Silver'
Philadelphus, Mock Orange
Phlox paniculata, white varieties
Plumeria sp., Frangipani, Temple tree (Family: Apocynaceae)
Plumeria stenophylla, Frangipani (Family: Apocynaceae)
Polianthes tuberosa, Tuberose
Pterospermum acerifolium, Dinnerplate tree
Quisqualis Indica, Rangoon Creeper, Burma creeper, Chinese honeysuckle, (Family: Combretaceae)
Randia formosa, Mussaenda formosa Jacq., Randia mussaenda, Blackberry jam fruit, Jasmin de rosa (Family: Rubiaceae – Madder family)
Ruellia noctiflora, Night-blooming ruellia, Night-blooming wild petunia
Salvia argentea, Silver sage
Saponaria officinalis, Soapwart, Bouncing Bet, Fuller's-herb, Lady's-washbowl, Latherwort, Old-maid's-pink
Saraca indica, S. asoca, Jonesia asoca (Ashoka Tree, Jonesia Asoka, Gandhapushpa, Sorrowless tree, Family: Caesalpiniaceae)
Selenicerus grandiflora, Queen of the Night
Senecio cineraria, Dusty Miller
Solandra maxima, S. hartwegii, S. selerae, S. grandiflora (Butter Cup, Gold Cup, Chalice Vine, Cup-of-Gold, Trumpet Plant, Family: Solanaceae)
Stemmadenia galeottiana (litoralis) (Lechoso, Milky Way tree, Family: Apocynaceae)
Stephanotis floribunda (Bridal Bouquet, Family: Asclepiadaceae)
Strophanthus Gratus, Climbing oleander, Cream Fruit, Rose allamanda (Family: Apocynaceae)
Strophanthus preussii, Poison arrow vine (Family: Apocynaceae)
Sweet Autumn Clematis, Clematis terniflora (Family: Ranunculaceae)
Syringa vulgaris, lilacs
Tabernaemontana Divaricata cv Flore Pleno (Crape Jasmine, Carnation of India, East Indian rosebay, Adam's apple, Nero's crown, coffee rose,, Family: Apocynaceae)
Tabernaemontana holstii, Gardenia Nitida, Samoan Gardenia, Samoan name: pua (Family: Apocynaceae)
Telosoma cordata, Pakalana vine (Family: Asclepiadaceae)
Trachelospermum asiaticum, Asian Jasmine, Yellow star jasmine (Family: Apocynaceae)
Trachelospermum Jasminoides, Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine (Family: Apocynaceae)
Vigna caracalla, Corkscrew flower (Family: Fabaceae)
Wisteria floribunda, Japanes Wisteria
Wisteria sinensis, Chinese Wisteria
Wrightia religiosa, Sacred Buddhist, Wondrous Wrightia (Family: Apocynaceae)
Wrightia tinctoria, Snowflake, Milky way, Winter Cherry Tree (Family: Apocynaceae)
Yucca filamentosa, Yucca

As you can see the lists could go on forever. There is plenty here for you to consider and investigate.

More information on my research on Moon Gardens
Sep 15, 2010 8:46 AM CST
wow I would say that is some inspiration. Lands alive, I hope that was cut and paste LOL

I think a moonlight garden should have 1. fragrance 2. lighting, and 3. moving water.

Since you would obviously visit your garden at dusk or after dark, it should have some privacy to it, maybe a secret garden? Privacy fencing or hedges would work for that. A gazebo or swing, would be nice to, a place to sit.

Since vision is lower after dark obviously, I think it would be a given that other senses would need to be took into consideration, thus flowers with fragrance, moving water-fountain, water fall or even just a rock with water coming out, it wouldn't have to be anything really large. Some solar lights would be nice on the water too.
Sep 15, 2010 10:39 AM CST
Name: Susan
Zone 5
Charley's Girl Too/ HeHaw, HeHaw
Frillylily you bring up some very interesting points and desireable additons to a moon garden. I started mine because after a 12 hour work day by the time I got around to my garden it was very late and I wanted to make additions that I could enjoy in the evening and night.

I once visited a garden called ' A Sound Garden'. There were many, many fountains on the property with different splash sounds. We ran into the owner who was coming in from a swim and decided to ask him some questions about his garden. He was blind. He taught me early on how important sound and fragrance are in the garden to stimulate all your senses. I have tried very hard to incorporate sight, sound, fragrance, taste, and touch along with benches to relax and enjoy. The wildlife seem to enjoy it as well and I have a garden in motion.
Sep 15, 2010 11:10 AM CST
windchimes are nice too, and can sound really different depending on how they are made. I had some once that were made of bamboo, had a deep relaxing sound, not a tinkling metal noise.

My biggest question which I cringe to mention, but what about mosquitoes. Cursed things have been eating me alive lately!
Sep 15, 2010 8:28 PM CST
Name: Susan
Zone 5
Charley's Girl Too/ HeHaw, HeHaw
Someone else would have to chime in on their experience but I thought the mosquitoes were an issue for standing water on fountains it is constantly recirculating but if all else fails, mosquito dunks are very effective and won't harm the birds.
Sep 15, 2010 8:51 PM CST
oh, well I just meant mosquitoes in general. I don't know where they are coming from at my place, but seems they are everywhere!

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