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Sep 13, 2010 9:09 PM CST
I think a moon garden would be neat, but I don't have any space left anymore. I for some reason link that idea to 'romance', you know midnight strolls and such, and well quite frankly romance is dead around here :(

I think the chocolate colored elephant ears and tropicals are very pretty, but then I must confess I think they look dorky in MO! and I am terrible at growing anything in a pot.
Plus I have kids and where would I put all those pots come winter?

I have had chocolate coral bells, which didn't perform well and I tossed em.
I have a chocolate Joe Pye Weed, which I really like, and also another chocolate/purple plant that I cannot remember the name of. It is new for me this year and I really like it, I'll have to look up the name if anyone is interested. Eager to see how it overwinters for me and such.
I have tried a purple sedum or two and found them to not be as hardy in spreading as the green varieties.
I wonder if there is a purple foliage peony?
Purple leaved plum or cherry trees are nice for adding color, and I also have a purple weigelia bush. Can't remember the name of that right off either Wine and Roses or something like that.
Someone sent me a piece of black mondo grass which has grown very little since I planted it, not impressed.
I have a chocolate dragon's tongue which I love. Grows like a weed only isn't invasive!
The Forest Pansy Red bud is a nice purple foliage tree, and the Robinson Crab apple I am impressed with totally.
I purchased a crepe myrtle that is sort of a chocolate foliage on it.
I think variegation is good to add contrast and color as well, and plants that have a red hue, or lime color are neat too. Hard to find variety without having to mail order though.

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