A Tribute From The Heart : Volume I

By Chelle (chelle) on March 17, 2010

An Ode to Dave and Trish ~ Co-founders of cubits.org


When I originally embarked on this amazing journey through cubits. org, I felt a sense of being on the edge of something great. That has turned out to be the understatement of the year for me so far! 

I jumped right in and started designing my cubits as fast as my brain could grasp the ways and means to do so.

I was having a joyous time decorating my spaces, choosing descriptive and pleasing wording for my forums, and building great friendships with helpful members along the way.

It didn't really hit me just how much you were giving us until yesterday when I hit the publish button for my very first article ever publicly released.

Maybe one day I would have offered an article to be considered for publication somewhere else. The probability of that would have been slim. I've never considered my writings to have that special something that would entice an editor to choose mine out of a potentially large amount of submissions.

Now I have the ability to publish my own works, at my own speed. If I can help even one person with some of my information or life experiences, I will feel that they are successful!


The two of you are offering us the World! Through our cubits we will all be able to share with anyone who is interested world-wide. That is huge!

You are both amazingly intelligent designers in this project. You appear to have thought this out very thoroughly and carefully. Each time the next ingredient for this wonderful recipe is brought to light is like another holiday treat!

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

chelle: cubits owner of Good News! and Plant Haven.



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About Chelle
Chelle lives on ten acres comprised of gardens, woodland, native meadows and a small S shaped lake. She is a lifelong gardener and an unfailing optimist. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience of gardening with others, and adores a good story.
Chelle is the cubits owner of Good News! and Plant Haven.

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