Winter Wonders

By Chelle (chelle) on January 20, 2011

A pictorial portrayal of the beauty of winter, fantastic formations of frozen fog, and a touch of winter whimsy.

Frozen fog and frozen lake

Most mornings you will find me at the kitchen counter with a hot cup of coffee close at hand, gazing out of the window and contemplating  the day ahead. This morning is no exception, but the view certainly is! Overnight, the temperatures dropped extremely rapidly, while the atmosphere was moisture-laden, and the breeze was fairly calm, producing the winter wonder of frozen fog, or in this instance specifically, soft rime.


Heavy coating of frozen fog on trees See how the frozen particles cling to the undersides of branches, as well as to the tops? That's because the ice particles are formed in rising air currents, as well as in the falling air currents, coating extended items like these tree branches quite uniformly in white.


Row of trees heavily laden with frozen frost The neighbor's farmhouse is nearly hidden from view by these heavily frost-laden trees.


Treeline of contrasts heightened by frozen fogThese types of wonderful contrasts are more easily found in winter. The return of spring generally causes items viewed to blend together as the eye cannot as easily separate shape and form with the multitudes of greens, grays and browns that are prevalent in the landscape.


Frost on apple tree leaf, magnified

Frosty designs on an apple tree leaf are aglow with winter sunshine.


Backlit frosted plume grass

Backlighting adds yet another dimension to the beauty of frosty days. This simplistic portrayal of frosty plume grass seems to beg you to reach out and touch it; just to see if it really is as soft as it looks.


Koi in frozen fish pondThis almost completely frozen fish pond seems to portray the opposite effect; too hard and cold to touch!


Ornamental garden frog peeking from snowEven as simple an item as a ornamental garden frog takes on a new perspective in the winter. If this fellow could actually conceive a thought I believe that he'd say he's fairly ambivalent about winter, though he's nearly buried in the snow!

Yes, we still have some winter to get through, but the good news is that we're at or near the mid-point of winter and heading toward spring; and we've been afforded the opportunity to see beauty in winter's light.



 Author's Aside -

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a winter loving soul; however, as a devotee of photography I cannot help but notice beauty when and where I see it. I hope you've enjoyed these photos as much as I've enjoyed capturing and sharing them.

Thank you for joining me!



Author's Notes -

- Special thanks to the Friends of  Blue Gardens cubit , who assisted with the background discussion of this topic.

- Thanks also to Brenda at Zany's Playpen cubit for the very helpful article editor usage information! 

- All images placed in this article were photographed by the author.

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Chelle lives on ten acres comprised of gardens, woodland, native meadows and a small S shaped lake. She is a lifelong gardener and an unfailing optimist. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience of gardening with others, and adores a good story.
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