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Apr 25, 2010 3:02 PM CST
Name: Gourd
Z-7 Gourds & A Touch Of Glass Forum

Anyone Else want some seeds? Please read the whole post. Don't forget to send 3 stamps. C-mail me for my address.

Closed again: Not all gourds are created equal... this last one I opened didn't have that many seeds, but, they were all empty, I cut into all of them. Not one was good, I don't know what happened. I'll reopen this.

RE-Opened on June 6, 2010 and will close in one week. Will take 10 more SAS's on this offer. Please send 3 stamps, cost to mail is 1.22 and I will supply the bubble envelopes..

Start off by giving yourself a number,... start at number 7 until we hit number 17. I will wait one week for postage, cmail me for my address and give me yours. I'm opening another gourd this week. If anyone needs more, just send me postage and let me know, give yourself another number...

I've got to grow some more, only two of the seedlings are still going, the others got zapped by the heat the other day. Hopefully it is not too late to get a couple of gourds starting them now, I think if you have a good climate (zone 7-8), you will have time.

Lovey dubby Giant African Gourds Lovey dubby

Please post your name here and c-mail me within 5 days. I'll be mailing them by Friday of this week, I'm running late but thought someone else might want some.

Seeds are from 2009/2010 harvest, these gourds just dried so the seeds should be good and also this was the only type of gourd I grew so they should come out true. I'll try to send each one at least 10-12 seeds. All of these gourds grew over 60 inches around some were over 70 inches Thumbs up Thumbs up around.

Please post in this thread and give yourself a number, stop at 10 please.

Mailing out to 10 persons, these are the ones on my list so far:

1. denimangle
2. taters
3. Dave
4. Gardener2005
5. Petralittle Dog
6. JgGardner

Second Mailing

7. Honeybunch - AR
8. Lavonne - KY
9. Cheryl - TX
10. Gretta - KS
11. Ridesredmule

Third mailing

12. Samigal

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