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Finding AND Capturing a Lost Greyhound - Part 1: Finding Your Lost Greyhound
By Michael McCain on May 7, 2010

Michael McCain is "the expert" in helping people around the world in finding and capturing lost greyhounds, on the GreyTalk forum (greydogs is his logon ID). GreyTalk has an "Amber Alert" for lost greyhounds - which I believe is the most watched and supported "lost greyhound" site in cyberspace. *Note that the most important and effective step in recovering a lost pet is posting flyers -- this is emphasized and proven time again on the site. (Comments and photo added by gryhoundz 04-24-2010)

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Calming Signals--How to Interpret and Use Dog Language
By Jody Frederick on April 21, 2010

Capturing a shy dog who has gotten loose requires a "finesse capture" method, which is best achieved by knowing about dog behavior and calming signals. This article describes calming signals and how to use them in difficult capture circumstances. It is reprinted with permission from Celebrating Greyhounds: The Magazine, Spring 1998, with the intention of helping rescue groups capture the elusive lost dog. (Comments and photo by Gryhoundz 04/2010)

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Greyhound Adoption and Rescue

This is the place to socialize and get help with greyhounds. Let's discuss their qualities as a pet, what to do for a bad habit or health issue, how to help rescue or find a lost greyhound. Personal experience with rescue will be openly discussed.

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