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Apr 2, 2011 5:24 PM CST
Name: Charleen
Alford, Florida
Walk in Peace.
I am going to make an ornament first. that is what I started out with. My pins are made with Polymer clay. I use Sculpy III I love using poly clay. It is very nice to blend all that clay into a soft flexible medium to create my pins and ornaments. Clay is very forgiving if you make something wrong, you can roll it back into a ball and make something else. My favorite helper is the Pasta machine used to condition or blend the clay. Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/35e0de
We need a pattern of what we want to make. So who else is better for me than my Darlin Charley.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/c96c7e I have this print under a piece of glass, you can use this method or the other shown.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/358904 A cardboard or index card pattern of what you want.
Polymer clay comes in a world of wonderful colors or you can blend your own. There is the most common, which is, rolling and forming the clay in your hands until it is ready to be flattened into a piece large enough for your pattern.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/f9a716
I had a lot of orange so ,we are making two. One with a pattern and the other is a freeform type on top of the glass. I use an X-acto knife to trim out my Charley.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/2f4851
Then I can draw in the details with a toothpick or my favorite tool is a bead reamer. You can use what you have on hand but do not re use it for food use. If you use a knife from the kitchen keep that knife with your clay and use it for that only. Clay is non-toxic but it is better to keep all your clay tools with the clay in a box.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/192043
Keep your clay area clean so you won't get the colors all merged into a rainbow, unless of coarse you want a Rainbow.. I love different colors and I flatted the clay into flat pieces , lay them on top of glass on pattern and trim the shape I want.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/01271f the next picture shows a roll I made to shape for eyes. Start out simple Get a couple of good Polymer clay books and they will explain how to make the rolls. Once you start working with clay you will want to make and learn more.
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/7cbd81
I have flexible molds to help me create pretty additions to my Charleys. Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/3c9062
Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/4a0e65
Here are both with and without additions. Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/24cdaa
I flip them over and sign and date my creation(whenever I remember) Thumb of 2011-04-02/Ridesredmule/e77dba Then into the oven they go @ 275 degrees for 20 minutes for each 1/4 ''. It wouldn't hurt to let these go for 30 min. If you have any questions, just ask...
Thank you Dear for letting me show and Tell.
Hugs and nuzzles
Charleen and Charley sends the nuzzles to all,

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