A Cubiteer's Guide to the Morning Adrenaline Rush
By Candyce Fulford on February 16, 2010

Running with an idea provided by Knoxred, I wrote the following Article while Cubits was in development. Totally tongue-in-cheek, the Article pokes fun at ourselves as owners and developers of our own Cubits. Have a good chuckle or two, and if you see yourself here, let us know.

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Image Got Your Emergency Kit At the Ready?
By Candyce Fulford on March 12, 2010

An emergency can strike any of us at any time. It's not something we want to think about. What can you do to prepare now, before an emergency happens?

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Dances and Giggles While Chasing the 'Bunnies'
By Candyce Fulford on March 13, 2010

Who says we can't have fun? When did we stop feeling the magic of the every day? It just takes a bit of tweaking to change our perspective. Or, in this case ...

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Image Don't Get Bit By the Clutterbug!
By Maria Gracia on March 15, 2010

How do we clear the clutter? This article by Guest Author, Maria Gracia, sheds light on this pesky subject.

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Image Treasure Your Treasures - A Testimonial
By Maureen Hume on March 16, 2010

An email to the "CJ Ladies" gives new meaning to the term 'hiding your light'.

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Company Coming?
By Candyce Fulford on March 21, 2010

It happens all the time. The phone rings. Someone knocks at the door. You get an unexpected email that lets you know that you are going to have company. You look around ...

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Image Simplify Your Menu Planning
By Leslie Sausage on March 22, 2010

An article by Guest Author Leslie Sausage can help you answer that age-old question ... 'What's For Dinner?"

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Image "Thou Shalt Not Whine"
By Candyce Fulford on April 11, 2010

Many years ago, my eldest daughter gave me a piece of carved slate to hang in our home. On it were the words, "Thou Shalt Not Whine". That piece of slate still hangs in my kitchen today, reminding me that it's all about my attitude. ---------------------------------------

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Image Ultimate Asian Chicken Salad
By Arlene Marshall on June 25, 2010

Sometimes the desire to re-invent a recipe arises. Chinese Chicken Salad has always been a favorite in our family . . . last week the light bulb came on . .we can do better!

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