Company Coming?

By Candyce Fulford (Candyce) on March 21, 2010

It happens all the time. The phone rings. Someone knocks at the door. You get an unexpected email that lets you know that you are going to have company. You look around ...

It's funny, so2010-03-21/Candyce/224d5emetimes, how we don't slways 'see' our home until we find out we're having company.  It almost seems like we have new eyes all of a sudden and we see the handprints on the door frames, or the dust on top of the TV. It's frustrating, isn't it?  Why, oh why, can't we just 'keep things up' so that our homes are always 'perfect' for company?

Well, it's never going to happen.  Maybe never.  Okay.  The chances are slim to none that it will ever happen.  So relax.

Relaxed?  Take a deep breath and just sit back and listen for a few moments.  You are not alone.

Before you start throwing open closets and cupboards and tossing out a ton of clutter, you first need to let go of your perfection.  Yep!  That dreaded "P" word just has to go.  The second thing to toss is the notion that you don't have enough time to get it all done!  What a silly idea.  We all have the same hours, minutes, and seconds of every day.  It's up to us what we do with them.

It's relatively simple and painless to achieve our goal of a home that's welcoming to our family and our friends, and yes, even for that unexpected company.  And, I'd bet you'd like to know how that can be accomplished.  It begins with a game plan. 

No matter what size your home might be, you can break it down into sections or zones.  The simplest list is to have just five areas to work on every month:  The Entry Way and Dining Room; The Kitchen; The Bathroom(s); The Bedroom and one other room; and The Living Room and/or Family Room.  By concentrating your time in just one area per week, your home will always be ready for you to throw open the door and welcome the world inside.  By concentrating your time in one area per week you will 'see' those handprints and that dust on a regular basis and it just won't exist any longer. 

Work on building new habits for housekeeping.  Once you have established some habits, your home will almost clean itself.  It will always be welcoming to our family and our friends.  You will be less stressed about the appearance of your home, and you will be free to enjoy your home and your company, no matter the hour and no matter the day. 

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