Dances and Giggles While Chasing the 'Bunnies'

By Candyce Fulford (Candyce) on March 13, 2010

Who says we can't have fun? When did we stop feeling the magic of the every day? It just takes a bit of tweaking to change our perspective. Or, in this case ...


I must admit that I was brought up to believe that the lady of the house was the one who was responsible for doing ALL of the housekeeping.  But, there's nothing like looking into a pair of big blue eyes and hearing my 3 year old granddaughter say, "'Dramma, I want to help."

My first instinct is to hold on tight, to 'my' way of doing things.  But then I look again and see those eyes light up when I hand her my feature duster.

"'Dramma!  Music!", she demands.  So I rush to turn on the CD player with some lively music and off she runs ... laughing and giggling and chasing all those dust bunnies away.  She runs to the television set and gets the screen so shiny she stand there and makes faces at her reflection.  She bends down low to wisk off the dust that's accumulated on the lowest of the book shelf.  And she stretches her three-year-old self up as high as she can to try and reach every speck of dust to banish it from her world.  And it dawns on me that she's having fun!

Why do we hold so tight to our way of doing things?  Why is it so difficult sometimes to see the fun in what we do?  I mean really, as a grown up person, just how much fun is it to wash the dishes day after day?

All it takes is imagination to turn our every day drudgery into a magical time! Washing dishes?  The dishes become boats and submarines and fairies are trapped in the bubbles waiting to be released by the rinse water so they can fly away. Dusting?  Let's pretend we are banishing the dust bunnies from the room and taking them back outside to play with their friends.  If washing the floor becomes a chore that you dread, sweep it really well, pour some warm soapy water down and go 'skating' in your socks!  Let the kids skate too!  Your floor will never be so clean.

Not only will you all be dancing and giggling, but you'll be letting your children know that housework can be fun and not a chore.  What better way to 'teach' than to play games?  Kids love to 'help'.  When it's fun, it's even better.

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"If it's not fun, I won't do it."
So says Candyce, who has been a Fly Lady devotee for several years.

Candyce brings her sense of humor to Homemakers' Haven, a website where people can share the fun and the not-so-fun, the laughter and the tears, and companionship and encouragement as we take care of our families and our homes.

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