Treasure Your Treasures - A Testimonial

By Maureen Hume on March 16, 2010

An email to the "CJ Ladies" gives new meaning to the term 'hiding your light'.


"Hello Ladies!

It has been a wild 4 weeks!  

I'm so thankful for my daily routines!  Let me tell you why I feel this way.  Because of the routines and the habits, I've been able to 'see' the treasures in my home and my family members know what material things I cherish, and which are of value.  But there's a flip side to that story and it's a state of affairs that so many people can find themselves in at any time.

You see, my husband's aunt passed away on Valentine's Day and she was a HOARDER ..... of unbelievable proportions!  The daunting task of going through her wordly possessions fell to us.  Unfortunately, we found so many items that had gone bad or that had been ruined among all the clutter in her home. 


It was heartbreaking to see the once beautiful furniture pieces and other items that had been neglected and in disrepair! There was so much that had to be thrown out!  We purged 3 - 30yd dumpsters filled with STUFF!!


But, we DID find some items from the 1930's to the present day that DO have value.  We began to list them to send to a collector.  The good news is this ... After the list was emailed to the collector, members from the television show "Antiques Road Show" contacted us.  They will be coming to the aunt's home on Saturday.

Talk about a crazy, tiring, heart-wrenching, yet exciting time.   After all that we threw out, there is still 3,000 square feet of space filled with stuff for the folks at "Antiques Road Show" to look at .....   Holy Moly!!"

~ Maureen Hume


This article is an email that was received by the online group, the "CJ Ladies of New Hampshire" on March 15, 2010.

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About Maureen Hume
Maureen Hume is an active member of "CJ Ladies of New Hampshire".

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