FAQ: What's 'Homemakers' Haven' all about?

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» What is 'Homemakers' Haven'?
» Who's behind 'Homemakers' Haven'?
» What's in this for me?
» How do I join 'Homemakers' Haven'?
» Once I am a member here, what's expected of me?
» If I have questions, who do I contact?

What is 'Homemakers' Haven'?
Homemakers' Haven is a site to help you organize your time and your home. It's also a place to share what works for you, and what doesn't!

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Who's behind 'Homemakers' Haven'?
'Homemakers' Haven' was created initially by Candyce, (that's me!), and continues to be re-created by the membership.

Many years ago, I met The Fly Lady on the internet. After years of following the examples there and Fly Lady's guidelines, and finding it the most simple 'time-management' system ever, I decided to begin to help others by building this Cubit.

Now, I have what I always wanted: a clean and neat home without cleaning all day, and a family that I can spend time with!

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What's in this for me?
Are you looking to organize your home and your time? Are you tired of spending all day cleaning so that you can entertain on the weekend?

'Homemakers' Haven' can help you get and keep your home looking presentable and reduce your daily housekeeping stresses.

There's no magic wand. It takes a commitment to creating daily habits that work for you and your family.

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How do I join 'Homemakers' Haven'?
If you'd like to join in the fun and take part in our daily challenges, simply click on the 'Join This Cubit' button there on the right of the page.

Membership is absolutely free.

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Once I am a member here, what's expected of me?
We hope that you will feel comfortable enough to join in the conversations, and start some of your own.

We love to hear what tips and tricks you may have up your sleeve, too. We can all learn from one another, don't you think?

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If I have questions, who do I contact?
If you have questions about 'Homemakers' Haven', please contact me, Candyce.

If you have questions about Cubits.org, go to this page.

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Homemakers' Haven

How do we take care of home and family? With lots of love, lots of passion, and lots of help! Join us as we help one another juggle as fast as we can.

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