Homemakers' Haven: Monday's Playbook Page

Morning Routine Mid-Morning Routine Afternoon Routine
Get out of bed at a decent time Pull anything needed for dinner from the freezer Eat lunch
Lean over and make the bed Wash the breakfast dishes Put the kiddos down for nap
Gather up clothing and head to the bathroom Re-boot the laundry (put it into the dryer) Clean up from lunch, wash table
Get dressed, wash face, moisturize, brush teeth and hair De-Clutter a visible area or areas for 15 minutes Wash lunch dishes, wash counters
Wipe down the bathroom mirror, sink, and faucets Vacuum the downstairs rooms Complete the day's Mission
Downstairs for breakfast & coffee Empty the trash cans downstairs Uninterrupted Computer time
Put dirty breakfast dishes into the kitchen sink Dust the downstairs rooms Snack time at 3:00 pm
Empty the dish drainer or the dishwasher, if it hasn't already been done    
Check the Calendar for appointments    
Start a load of laundry    
Swish & Swipe the downstairs Master Bathroom    
Turn on the computer!!    
Dinner Routine Early Evening Routine Before Bed Routine
Dinner is at 6:00 pm, so plan preparations accordingly Wash dinner dishes Gather everything needed if I need to leave the house tomorrow and put them at the 'Launch Pad'
Clean as I go (wash pots and pans, counters, put dishes into sink with hot, soapy water) Time for meetings, family interaction, or quiet reflection Spend 2 minutes clearing any clutter left in the kitchen and shine the kitchen sink
Serve and eat dinner with the family Double-check the calendar for tomorrow's appointments Lay out my clothes for tomorrow
    Take a shower, blow dry my hair, brush my teeth and moisturize my face
    Get to bed at a decent hour

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