Homemakers' Haven: Detailed Cleaning List for the Kitchen

During the second week of each month, we concentrate on the Heart of the Home - our kitchen.  What follows is a detailed list of the items I try to clean on a monthly basis.  I'll admit that I don't get to all of them each month.

By taking a couple of items to accomplish each day, though, once you get into a rythmn, you will find that you may never have to Spring Clean your kitchen at all!

Kitchen Detail Cleaning List

   1. Clean out leftovers from the refrigerator and wash out the 'fridge thoroughly
   2. Clean the microwave inside and out.  Back, too.
   3. Clean the stove / oven
   4. Wash the canisters and all knick knacks
   5. Straighten cupboards and drawers
   6. Wipe finger prints and un-noticed food spills off of the walls
   7. Wash the windows on the inside
   8. Clean the stove fan and hood
   9. Scrub down the cabinet fronts (only a few at a time)
   10. Clean light shades and lamps
   11. Clean out underneath the sink.  Toss old, smelly rags
   12. Wash the trash cans inside and out
   13. Wash the walls near the trash can area
   14. Dust and scrub the baseboard
   15. Wash the legs and the backs of the kitchen chairs / table
   16. Clean / disinfect the phone and answering machine
   17. Clean pet dishes and pet dinner area

You may find that you have less or more areas in yiur kitchen that you wish to put on your own list. That's the beauty of this Plan. You adapt it to fit You, Your Home, and Your Family.

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