Homemakers' Haven: Detailed Cleaning List for the Entry Way and Dining Room


It's the first week of the month!  Everything seems 'new' as we start over on the first day of the month.

No matter where this week begins, be it Monday or Friday, the First Week of the Month, (or Week One as we call it), is always going to be our Entry Way and our Dining Room. The Entry Way is the area that first welcomes you home from work, and bids your guests to come inside and relax.

It follows, then, that this is an area that we like to pay particular attention to in order to create the atmosphere for the rest of our home.  

The Dining Room is where we gather once a day as a family to regale one another with tales of the day, our accomplishments, and to speak of our dreams to one another.  

As with every other area of our home, once we get into a routine we'll find out that we may never have to Spring Clean again.  And no, I'm not expecting you to accomplish everything on these lists each and every month.  Just concentrate on three or four different ones each month and pretty soon your home 'will rise up to greet you' every day, no matter what the season!

Entrance Detailed Cleaning List:
Start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor.
1. Clean cobwebs
2. Dust window sills and front door
3. Clean switch plate of hand prints and walls if needed
4. Put plants in to the shower and give them a good rinse. Let them set there until you are finished.
5. Dust furniture
6. Dust baseboards
7. Straighten the coat closest
8. Sweep vacuum or mop the floor
9. Put back the plants. You would hate for anyoneto walk into a jungle tomorrow morning!
10. Add your own personal touches to make it more welcoming.

Dining Room Detailed Cleaning List:
Start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor.
1. Clean the cobwebs
2. Dust window sills
3. Clean the windows
4. Clean doors of china cabinet after you straighten dishes if they need to be done and then dust
5. Clean and straighten any drawer
6. Clean off top of Dining table and Polish
7. Rinse plants in the shower
8. Dust the bottoms of the chairs.
9. Dust the baseboards
10. Move furniture and vacuum underneath (except the china cabinet, or get someone to help you move it if you just MUST get underneath and behind it to vacuum!)
11. Add your own personal touches to the table (table cloth, pretty bowl, flowers)

Front Porch Detailed cleaning:
Once again, begin at the top and work your way down.
1. Sweep down cobweb and spider webs
2. Sweep off porch furniture.
3. Sweep the porch.
4. Throw away any dead plants.
5. Prune back unruly bushes from the entrance.
6. Repot planters if necessary (in summer)
7. Refill bird feeders.
8. Wipe off tables, banisters, and light fixtures.
9. Get rid of unwanted items.
10. Add your own personal touches to welcome friends and family (wreath, welcome mat, bell)

You may find that you have less or more things that you wish to put on your own list.
That's the beauty of this Plan. You adapt it to fit You, Your Home, and Your Family.

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